Event FAQs

The basics

What are Chevening events?

Aside from the Orientation day and the Farewell event, Chevening events are voluntary events that the Secretariat arrange to enrich your time in the UK. They are a great chance to meet fellow scholars, and we organise them so that you can make the most of your time studying here and to contribute to the network you are building. It is important to emphasise, though, that these are additional opportunities alongside your scholarship. There is no limit to the amount of events you can attend, but please be considerate about signing up for events as there will be plenty of opportunities throughout the year to be involved.

Are any events compulsory?

The Orientation day and the Farewell event are the only two mandatory events that will take place during your award. As these events are in London, we offer an additional travel top up dependent on region of study to ease the cost of travel.


The Farewell event for the 2018/2019 cohort will be in the first couple of weeks of July. The date will be confirmed in due course.

Where in the UK are events held?

We hold events across the whole of the UK so that as many scholars as possible have the opportunity to attend without having to travel large distances. It's also a great chance for scholars to visit parts of the country that they may not have had access to otherwise. In arranging these we seek to capture the 'Best of British' and we use both the personal knowledge of the programme officer team and often the universities with whom we work.

Some events are held in London because there is a large Chevening population base here, and because both the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Secretariat offices are located in central London. There are occasions, therefore, where it is necessary for events to be held in the capital.

Why aren't there more events at the weekends?

The Secretariat organise events on different days of the week to allow a large spread of scholars to attend. We realise that this may be difficult for some because of academic responsibilities, but as events are not compulsory we ask that scholars do not attend events instead of completing academic work.

The majority of our events are held on weekdays. When an event is organised in conjunction with a UK university, this is usually on a weekday as the university can provide staff, speakers, and venue space which they would not normally be able to do at weekends. Please remember that the Secretariat operates normal office hours of Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00 GMT, and we will therefore only occasionally be able to offer events at weekends. For this reason, the Scholar Events Competition was created so that events could be organised by scholars themselves, outside of our normal working hours.

Why do some events have limited or small numbers of places?

Chevening has a large cohort of over 1,700 scholars and it is not possible for every event to cater for these numbers, but we do provide two opportunities for the entire cohort to be together at the beginning and end of each academic year. Unfortunately it is not possible to provide more events of this size due to the resources available.

Are FCO events the same as Chevening events?

FCO events are not the same as Chevening events, and are not organised by the Secretariat. There may be times, however, when the Secretariat is able to gain access for small numbers of scholars to attend FCO events. Due to the logistical restrictions of these events and the places available it will not be possible for everyone to attend. In order to ensure fairness, names will be drawn at random to determine attendance where places are limited.

Tickets and payment

How do I get a ticket?

To allocate tickets and manage our events we use Eventbrite. To reserve a ticket for an event, you must first register with Eventbrite. When you sign up please make sure that you use the same name and email address that we have on file for you. After you have registered with Eventbrite you will be able to save an event for future reference.


Tickets for most of our events are offered through a ballot system. You can read about how the ballot system works here. Occasionally tickets will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis but this will be clearly stated in the Scholargram.


All events and tickets go 'live' on Eventbrite at 10:00 on a specific day and will remain open for 48 hours. Every event has an individual password which you can find in the Scholargram. As soon as an event is live, you can register for a place. If you are successful, you will receive an email with further instructions. Bear in mind that our events are very popular and spaces are limited.

This ticketing system is in place to ensure that all scholars have a fair chance of obtaining a place. You will be notified about the dates that events will become live in the monthly Scholargram. The system also allows you to register your interest for the event and receive reminders about ticket release dates.

Can I book a ticket for another scholar?

You are only allowed to book one ticket per event and you must book this yourself.

Can I book my own ticket for the same venue independently?

Unfortunately, we are unable to permit you to buy your own ticket independently of the Secretariat for events. This is due to the staffing issues we have to take into account for all of our events. If scholars who were unsuccessful in obtaining a ticket from us were to get their own ticket from the venue, we would have an insufficient number of staff members in attendance.

We have also specifically chosen a number of tickets to make available and having more, unregistered scholars attending will make organising and managing these events difficult.

Can I swap my ticket with another scholar?

If you cannot attend an event, you are not permitted to swap your ticket with another scholar. We operate a waiting list for events and it is not fair on other scholars. It is the responsibility of the Secretariat to manage and upgrade people on this list.

How do I pay for an event?

Payment for events will be deducted from your stipend automatically.

Cancelling and non-attendance

What if I need to cancel my ticket before the event?

You can cancel your ticket before the event free of charge up until 2 working days (48 hours) before the event. However, you should always check your schedule before registering for a ticket as some scholars on the waiting list may not be able to travel to events at such short notice and so it is unfair on others who want to attend but were not able to get a ticket. 

If you cancel your ticket within the 2 working days before an event without an acceptable reason, you will be charged the ticket price of the event. Generally this is £10, but may be more. Please note that academic reasons will usually not be permitted as an acceptable reason because it is your responsibility to plan any extracurricular activities around your studies.

If you cancel on the day or do not attend the event without an acceptable reason, you will be charged the full, non-subsidised amount for the event, up to a maximum of £50 depending on the event itself. If you cannot come to an event you should always let us know by emailing engage@chevening.org

What if I am not able to come on the day?

If you are not able to attend, you must inform the Secretariat as soon as possible by emailing engage@chevening.org. Please do not rely on other scholars to pass on a message. We do understand that emergencies do happen, but note that these must be genuinely unavoidable situations give the level of interest in events. Please be considerate not only of the monetary value of events, but also of other scholars; we have high levels of interest in our events and long waiting lists and it is disappointing when places that could have gone to other scholars are wasted. 

What will I be charged if I cancel on the day?

Our events are heavily subsidised so that we can give you easily affordable opportunities. If you cancel on the day or do not attend the event without a valid reason, you will be charged the full, non-subsidised amount for the event, up to a maximum of £50 depending on the event itself. If you cannot come to an event you should always let us know by emailing engage@chevening.org

Please note that if you continually register for events and do not attend without informing the Secretariat and giving a valid reason, you will not be permitted to attend other events in the future.

Can I know who else is going?

We do not provide details of other attendees to scholars. Please use the Facebook group to enquire about others going and to arrange transport or accommodation.

On the day

How do I get to the events?

Unless stated explicitly in the event information, the Secretariat do not cover transport costs to and from events.

It is your responsibility to arrange transport to and from the event. However, the Secretariat will provide specific information, if necessary, to those attending.

Do I need to bring anything to an event?

Please bring your Chevening ID and student ID to each event. For certain events, you will be sent invitations which you must bring. You will be told in advance if this is needed.

What should I wear?

The organiser of each event will contact you informing you of the dress code before the event. Please bear in mind that inappropriate clothing, for example to outdoors events, may result in you not being able to take part.

Can I bring anyone else?

You are not permitted to bring other people to Chevening events. This includes spouses, family, children, friends, other students at your university, or a Chevening Scholar who has not registered for the event themselves.

Further questions

Who do I get in contact with if I have further questions about events?

If you have any further questions, please email engage@chevening.org rather than your programme officer. We also welcome comments about events and will take them into consideration when planning future events where appropriate and possible.