Record your volunteering hours

We ask scholars to record the number of hours that you dedicate to volunteering throughout the year. This includes volunteering projects organised by Chevening as well as any volunteering activities that you undertake independently.

Record your volunteering hours

We will accept submissions every month from October to April.

The volunteering log will be closed on 30 April 2023. We will not accept any further entries beyond this date.

This should, however, not deter you from continuing to volunteer, as volunteering is a nice thing to do to help others.

When to record your volunteering hours

All volunteering hours must be submitted at the end of the same month in which you carry out your volunteering activity. For example, if you complete a volunteering activity on 22 March, you must ensure that you complete the volunteering log by 31 March.

If you are volunteering for an organisation on a regular basis, please record the total number of hours that you have volunteered at the end of each month. For example, if you plan to volunteer for 3 hours per week for a particular charity, you only need to submit one entry at the end of the month to show that you volunteered for 12 hours over four weeks, assuming that you volunteered 3 hours per week for four weeks.

If you are unable to log your volunteering activity within the same month that you do it, please contact us at for guidance.

What counts as volunteering?

The activity that you undertake must meet the below criteria to qualify as volunteering

  • Volunteering must be completed in the UK. Volunteering for organisations outside of the UK will not be considered.
  • Virtual and in-person volunteering is welcomed.
  • You should not receive payment, and volunteering should benefit charitable organisations or people in the UK.
  • Unpaid employment (such as internships, apprenticeships or contractual opportunities) do not count as volunteering.
  • Only those volunteering activities that you complete after you arrive in the UK and until April will be considered.

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