The Hormuud Salaam Foundation

The Hormuud Salaam Foundation (HSF) is a non-profit organisation fully funded by the Salaam Somali Bank and Hormuud Telecom.

Salaam Somali Bank is the first privately-owned bank in Somalia and is regulated by the Central Bank. Whereas Hormuud Telecom is Somalia’s largest telecommunications provider and private employer.

HSF was established in 2013, becoming the first corporate foundation in Somalia. Since then, it has grown to become Somalia’s largest philanthropic organisation and has played a significant part in Somalia’s development and humanitarian responses. HSF funds a range of development, infrastructure, education, and humanitarian projects across Somalia.

Chevening and HSF

The partnership will support scholars to pursue a master’s degree in one of the following areas: marketing management, journalism/mass communication/strategic communications, human resource management, artificial intelligence and machine, data science, asset management, investment management, or a master’s in science in petroleum engineering, at any accredited university in the UK.

Investing in education has been a pillar of HSF’s work as we know our investment in Somalia’s youth will be invaluable as these students grow into constructive members of Somali society. We are proud to invest in their futures and that of our country, propelling the success of Somalia’s next generation.

Hormuud Salaam Foundation, and our funders, are committed to providing local support for our people. We are investing in the next generation of Somali leaders by partnering with Chevening. The partnership allows us to provide access for Somalis to a world class education that they otherwise would not be able to have.