Parque Tecnologico Itaipu

Itaipu Binacional is the world leader in the generation of clean and renewable energy. The hydroelectric power plant is responsible for fuelling about 15% of all the energy consumed by Brazil and about 75% consumed by Paraguay. Since 2003, Itaipu has as a corporate mission to 'generate quality electrial energy, with social and environmental responsibility, stimulating economic, touristic, and technological sustainable development in Brazil and in Paraguay.' 

The company also has, as a future goal, to reach 2020 as 'the generator of clean and renewable energy with the best operative performance and the best sustainability practices of the world, boosting the sustainable development and the regional integration'. Parque Tecnológico Itaipu is one of the initiatives that make Itaipu accomplish their mission. Through the synergy among companies, research centres, laboratories, and educational institutions, there is a connection between education, research, technology, innovation, and business. Central to PTI'S and Itaipu's themes of interest is renewable energy. At PTI, research in the area of storage, micro generation, and distribution of energy are developed through biogas analysis; the programme of nickel sodium batteries and the hydrogen plant, develop hybrid alternatives and mechanisms of solar, wind, and biomass energy storage; as well as simulation laboratories for electric systems PTI has developed a Programme of Intelligent Electrical Mobility, and undertakes not only research and development, but also experimentation of technological solutions and business models for the industrialization of new solutions for mobility to benefit people.


Chevening and Parque Tecnológico Itaipu 

Since November 2015, the teams of PTI and Itaipu have been participating in energy related projects promoted by the embassy. Conferences and workshops on trade allowed Brazilians to have access to the most modern models used by the United Kingdom in the area of energy storage and sustainable mobility. Another ongoing project is the energy storage mission between Brazil and the United Kingdom, which includes Itaipu and PTI, and other various organisations and companies from the energy sector of both countries.

According to Margaret Groff, Executive Financial Director, with the constant interaction with United Kingdom companies, 'we are elevating the knowledge of PTI's technical team.' The partnership of the scholarships is an example of that. 'They will bring innovative management techniques and methods, for the development of new technologies in Brazil. This is relevant because, to grow with sustainability, we need to master technology. That is why Itaipu maintains PTI.'

For the PTI Foundation, the scholarship is in complete alignment with one of their strategic objectives, which is training and educating people at postgraduate level. The Chief Executive Officer of the PTI Foundation, Juan Carlos Sotuyo, states: 'This partnership is interesting for various aspects. First, because the scholars will spend one year in the United Kingdom and, when they return, they will use their newfound knowledge to promote transformations in our country. As well as this, the possibility for young scholars to have an international experience at top level universities is fantastic, especially in thematic fields that are of Brazil’s interest.'


Who do Parque Tecnológico Itaipu support?

Parque Tecnológico Itaipu supports applicants from Brazil who wish to undertake studies in the fields of renewable energy (Energy distribution, energy storage systems, Biogas), Innovation solutions management, energy market studies, and sustainable mobility.