HSBC India

HSBC is a British bank that has origins in India dating back nearly 160 years, to 1863. HSBC is one of India's leading multi-national financial services and will sponsor 15 scholars from India to study in subjects including public policy and international tax.





HSBC has a deep rooted legacy and rich heritage in Indian culture. In line with its purpose of opening up a world of opportunity, the bank continues to strengthen the linkages between global customers and the needs of the Indian financial industry.

HSBC has decided to co-sponsor 15 Chevening scholars from India. It says:

“The Chevening scholarship programme, for nearly 40 years has improved lives and societies through the education of future global leaders.

The recent collaboration with FCDO is a consequence of our broader aim to empower learners and give them access to a quality learning.

The purpose is to provide 15 scholarships to select students who demonstrate the greatest potential to become leaders, decision-makers, and opinion-formers in the country.”

HSBC has previously worked with Chevening on a fellowship programme and is pleased to be partnering with the programme again on this next venture.

Which subject areas does the partnership support?

  • Environmental change/ Sustainable development
  • International development/ Governance
  • Public policy
  • Finance Management
  • Social innovation/ entrepreneurship
  • International tax