GSK – one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies – is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better, and live longer.

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Chevening and GSK

GSK is further investing in Africa to increase access to medicines, build capacity, and deliver sustainable growth. The partnership with Chevening provides access to world-class education for talents from Africa to build and retain capabilities in those regions. Partnership with Chevening allows GSK to leverage Chevening’s global network to support talent in the country, and to engage the stakeholders who share GSK’s strategy to invest in talent in Africa.

Who do GSK support?

GSK co-sponsors a number of Chevening Awards available to applicants from Africa who wish to study public health and/or healthcare-related subjects. Applications from the following countries are accepted:

  • Cameroon
  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • Rwanda
  • Senegal

Applicants from the above countries who apply to undertake studies in public health and/or healthcare-related subjects will be considered for a co-sponsored Chevening Award.

Dami’s story

A younger Dr Dami Omoniyi

‘I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, and had most of my education in schools around the city.


As a young girl, I had such an inquisitive mind and loved to ask questions. I dreamt of becoming an influential medical doctor who would greatly impact healthcare in Nigeria.


I imagined studying outside my country, interacting with classmates from all over the world and standing out.


My Chevening Partnership Scholarship has enabled me to achieve this dream.


My Chevening Scholarship, partly funded by GlaxoSmithKline, enabled me to study in the United Kingdom [at the University of Birmingham].


It is a position of privilege and responsibility. I hope the knowledge, network, and skills I’ve acquired will enable me to substantially contribute towards the development of the healthcare system in Nigeria.


On behalf of all Chevening Scholars, and especially those funded by partner organisations, I say a big thank you. We are grateful for this stepping stone for us to develop our potential as future leaders in our various societies.’

Dr Dami Omoniyi, Chevening/GSK Scholar (2015)

Dr Dami Omoniyi in 2015