UCL Israel Alumni Association

The UCL Israel Alumni Association commenced activities in 1998, following the first gathering of UCL alumni in Israel, organised by UCL in 1996. There are now some 500 members.

Chevening and the UCL Israel Alumni Association

The UCL Israel Alumni Association set up the Chevening/UCL Israel Alumni-Chaim Herzog Award in memory of the late President of the State of Israel, Chaim Herzog, himself a UCL alumnus, who spoke at the initial gathering, as did the Hon Chair of the Association, retired Justice of the Israel Supreme Court, Mr Gabriel Bach. Twelve students have now been sent to UCL under the auspices of the award.

Apart from supporting the award, the association also arranges activities for its members, mainly lectures by visiting UCL academics or other UCL alumni.

Who do the UCL Israel Alumni Association support?

The UCL Israel Alumni Association co-sponsors one Chevening-UCL-Haim Herzog Award, specifically available to applicants from Israel wishing to undertake any one year taught master's programme at UCL. Preference will be given to courses of study associated with the varied activities of the late President Herzog, such as public policy, economics, and history—the study of which at UCL can be shown to have a special value for the Israeli candidate—but outstanding students of other subjects are eligible.

Applicants from Israel who apply to UCL will be considered for a co-sponsored Chevening Award.