Ministerio de Educación Superior Ciencia y Tecnología (MESCYT) is the Dominican Executive’s branch institution in the area of higher education, science, and technology. It is responsible for promoting, regulating, and administering the National System of Higher Education, Science and Technology. Among its functions, MESCYT ensures the quality of higher education, the development of scientific and technological research, and the opening or closing of institutions belonging to the National System of Higher Education, Science and Technology.

MESCYT and Chevening

MESCYT was chosen as a Chevening Partner because of its significant role in higher education, being the supervising governmental institution for universities in the Dominican Republic. The partnership between MESCYT and Chevening was successfully established on 20 September 2013 and since then multiple students have benefitted from the agreement. A new Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 10 March 2017 as clear evidence of the Dominican Republic government's support for Chevening, its interest to invest in such a prestigious scholarship programme, and its desire to have more Dominican students benefit from it. The Dominican Republic government considers education to be the motor of development for the country.

Who do MESCYT support?

MESCYT generously co-funds eight Chevening Awards for applicants from the Dominican Republic wishing to study subjects in the fields of sustainable development, journalism, agriculture, extractive industries, education, infrastructure, science, engineering and mathematics at any university.