We operate in over 70 countries worldwide. We find and produce oil and gas on land and offshore.

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We move energy around the globe. We manufacture and market fuels and raw materials used in thousands of everyday products, from mobile phones to food packaging.

With an increasing portfolio of renewable and low-carbon activities, we are committed to advancing the energy transition.

We are delighted to sponsor Chevening Scholars from Angola, China, Egypt, Mauritania, Mexico, and Senegal.

Why does BP partner with Chevening?

BP has partnered with Chevening in a number of countries over many years. We see great value in developing links and awareness between our host countries and the UK higher education sector, and in supporting talented students who have the potential to play leadership roles in their countries’ futures.

How does BP benefit from partnering with Chevening?

We support Chevening Scholars in many of the countries we work in. We do so not necessarily because we derive direct benefits, but because there are obvious benefits to a developing country to have a strong alumni network of internationally-connected young leaders. And as the country benefits so by extension do the companies and organisations that work there.

Awards offered for upcoming academic year

BP co-funds the following Chevening Awards for scholars wishing to study subjects related to oil and gas, science and engineering, environment, or business:

  • Angola – 8 awards
  • China – 1 award
  • Egypt – 1 award
  • Mauritania – 2 awards
  • Mexico – 1 award
  • Senegal – 2 awards