Chevening develops talented individuals from around the world who demonstrate the qualities of leadership and the potential to grow into positions of influence.

The programme creates a network of influencers and decision makers who have a lasting positive disposition towards the UK and its universities, and partnerships enable closer connections to be developed between the partner organisation, the FCO and this extensive Chevening Alumni network.

Partnering with Chevening will enable you to:

  • Support your organisation’s strategic goals by tailoring the partnership in line with your international or academic priorities
  • Raise your profile in key markets by through prominence in Chevening’s targeted partnership marketing campaigns
  • Extend your network of contacts by joining Chevening’s network of contacts including more than 48,000 influential alumni and a growing range of partner organisations
  • Increase your global impact through Chevening’s worldwide reach; we have a physical presence in more than 160 countries and territories, our website and our other digital channels reach millions of people each month.

Some of our partners, and alumni who have worked with our partners, have been kind enough to share their experiences of being involved in a Chevening Partnership. Have a read.