Yes, it’s true that daylight hours in the UK can vary greatly based on location as well as time of year. They can lead to summer sunrises of 4am and winter sunsets of just after 3pm. One major advantage to this is, of course, the wonderful sunrises and sunsets that can be seen all across the UK. It’s always quite unusual for our scholars when they witness their first 22:00 sunset but it does also make for great pictures and memories.


Brighton Pier is arguably the most famous pier in the south-east of England and rightly so! Packed with fun activities for everyone to enjoy, the pier is visited by millions of visitors each year and we’re sure they would be in awe of this sunset just as much as we are.

Duhita Primandhira, Indonesia

‘It was a beautiful sunset towards the bonfire night on 4 November. Brighton was the first city I travelled to outside of London, where my fellow Chevening friend from home resides. We were sitting down for a few minutes, watching the sunset, after our fishcakes were mugged by one of the seagulls. I must say, they are pretty aggressive!

Brighton has a long coastal line and in the middle, Brighton Pier stands tall as a landmark of Brighton decorated with an amusement park at the end of it. If only I have the courage to ride the roller coaster, it should be a fun way to watch the sunset. We walked down the harbour deck and watched the sky turn orange. The breeze was quite chilly although it was still autumn, so it was one of the best time to visit this side of the country.

The sunset was so beautiful that it reminded me of home. Indonesia has beautiful beaches and sunsets, but this was different. This sunset made me realise, this is my new home.’


Being on the south coast of the UK, Brighton has many sunsets in many different colours as can be seen in these pictures.

Yerisleydys Menendez, Cuba

‘These pictures were taken at Devils Dyke in Brighton. The series named ‘Vertigo over purple sunset’ has no filters because the sunset in this colour did not require one!’


We did say Brighton sunsets come in various shades and here’s another picture, taken in an inland urban part of the city to prove it.

Aayushi Maira, India

‘A walk across campus on a tiring weekday filled with classes and assignments and a lot of stress. I looked up at the sky, which was covered in a beautiful hue of purples and oranges, which instantly brought upon me a sense of peace and calm. 

It took me back to the beautiful sunsets at home in India, sitting by the lake with my parents and enjoying a cup of chai. I then realized that Brighton was now home for me, that the UK was now home for me, and I felt warm, welcome, and at home!’


King’s Lynn in Norfolk is a historic English town known for being a cultural centre with two theatres, three museums, and many more art and sports venues.

Casey Millward, Australia

‘After an interesting day exploring King’s Lynn and surroundings (driving past HRH Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham residence), we were rewarded with this beautiful sunset over the Castle Acre Castle ruins. With so many overcast days since arriving in the UK, it was nice to watch the sun go down with some vibrant colours. Although the grey clouds were still around, they add a further level of colour to the sunset. 

As the sun set, I closed my eyes and imagined the residents of 800 years ago lighting candles while watching a similar vista and settling in for a long cold night without the comforts afforded to us in modern homes. I thought about how blessed I am to be born in a time where modern comforts exist such as electricity and gas heating. I reflected on how privileged I am to not only be attending Cambridge University but also how I shouldn’t complain about the long flight to the UK as it could have been worse – it could have taken me six weeks to get here by boat!’


Antony Gormley’s sculptural piece named ‘Another Place’ is made up of 100 life sized cast-iron figures spread along three kilometers of beachfront. ‘Another Place’ has been on permanent display in Merseyside since 2007.

Nader Abusaada, Occupied Palestinian Territories

‘It was a sunny week and I had no lectures, so I decided I wanted to go to Crosby beach in Liverpool to watch the sunset. It gives me a relaxing feeling and is something I like experiencing on my own.

Crosby beach is not your ordinary beach. Why? It is packed with 100 spectacular sculptures designed by famous artist Antony Gormley. These sculptures reflect the artist’s own naked body. All of them looking out to sea, staring at the horizon in silent expectation, staring .. at “another place”.’


Often being cold and rainy, the UK benefits from beautiful photos taken against the sunlight.

Paul John Gesta, Philippines

That confusing sight. Ice blankets the campus grounds as the sun illuminates the skies. Taken 19 December, 09:01, University of Reading.’


At 8.6 miles long, Regent’s Canal stretches from Paddington in west London to Limehouse in east London. Opening in 1820, the canal is still active today with many basins along the length of it.

Mamaponya Motsai, South Africa

‘Because the weather is getting warmer, I now walk back from university (University College of London) instead of taking the bus. I do this so I am able to take in my surroundings and if I see anything particularly beautiful or interesting, I can stop and enjoy it for as long as I want. On this particular day, as I walked passed Regent’s Canal, the sunset was just breathtaking. I had to stop, take a picture, and then just enjoy the view before I continued to make my way home.’

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