Scholar says ‘It’s a privilege to be studying at one of the best universities of the world’

Umair is a Chevening Scholar from Pakistan, currently studying at the University of Edinburgh. He says that his experience has been 'life-changing without a doubt'.

Together with StudyUK, Umair has shared some of the highlights of his time in Scotland.


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‘In addition to an extraordinary academic opportunity, the Chevening Scholarship provided me with an exciting platform to form a network of friends from various countries, diverse cultures, and distinct backgrounds. It helps us to grow in a community and exist together, peacefully and respectfully. I’ve been lucky to make dozens of friends so far in the journey. I’ve been exploring the UK and enjoying various cuisines with them every now and then. The Chevening Scholarship has given me more than just an academic degree: it’s provided me with a life-changing experience, without any doubt!’ Umair, in the right of this photo, will be sharing his experience of being a @cheveningfco scholar at @edinburghuniversity over the next few posts.

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