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The Chevening community extends to all corners of the globe. Here is the latest news on what is going on in the Chevening network, and blogs from members of our community.

The battle against COVID-19 misinformation

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly every walk of life – but one of the biggest battlefronts has been online. The lack of concrete guidance and understanding about COVID-19 has created the perfect conditions for rumours and fake news to spread. This was something that began to be of increasing concern to Tan Su Lin, […]

Using Uber to bring food and cleaning packages to the vulnerable of Costa Rica

Figuring out how to protect vulnerable people in society from the worst of the pandemic has been a global concern in the past months. Many, particularly the elderly and children, have been advised to remain completely behind closed doors, presenting the problem of how to safely procure food. Cristina Gutierrez is a Chevening Alumna (2017-2018) […]

Chevening Alumni Leadership Conference

Chevening’s alumni association leaders are key ambassadors for the programme and work hard to create strong local networks that benefit their wider communities. From 2-3 June 2020, our alumni group leaders had the opportunity to meet, network and develop their skills at the first ever Chevening Alumni Leadership Conference. Over 100 people joined the conference […]

Female identity and the changing of surnames

Hande Cayir is a Chevening Alumna from the class of 2018 – studying Journalism and Documentary Practice at the University of Sussex. Prior to that she directed a documentary promoting the power of the individual, ‘Yok Anasının Soyadı’ (Mrs. His Name, 2012). Now she has just published her third book ‘Documentary as Autoethnography: a Case […]

Words Really Can Heal the World

2017 Chevening Alumna Beatriz Buarque set up an initiative to combat online extremism in 2018. Words Heal the World has now won a prize at the Luxembourg Peace Prize – a remarkable achievement. Here she tells us about her work and what has inspired it. In 2015, the jihadist group ISIS was recruiting thousands of […]

One Person, One Hand Santiser: keeping communities safe from COVID-19

Achaleke Christian is a Chevening Alumnus from 2016, graduating from the University of Birmingham with a masters in International Development. In 2018 he won the Outstanding Youth Peaceworker category at the Luxembourg Peace Prize. Here he tells us about his new campaign, manufacturing and donating hand sanitiser to communities in Cameroon. The One Person One […]

Where did I go wrong? Reading Committee feedback for applicants

As Chevening Scholarship results are announced, you may find that you have not received the news you were hoping for, and in this case will no doubt wonder where you might have gone wrong in your application – after all, you’ll want to review your application ahead of reapplying with even stronger essays when applications […]

Ways to explore the UK in July

by Programme team – UK, Chevening Secretariat

Summer is here! We may not be spending the sunniest season in quite the ways we might have planned, but there are still lots of ways to get to know and appreciate the UK even better over the coming month. Outdoor activities If you’re keen to get outside and particularly out of a city or […]