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The Chevening community extends to all corners of the globe. Here is the latest news on what is going on in the Chevening network, and blogs from members of our community.

ECAN’s first annual conference – keeping calm and carrying on

At Chevening, we know our alumni are talented and resourceful individuals. Chevening Alumni Croatia demonstrated this earlier this year, by delivering a successful conference focused on topics key to the continent of Europe, as the world around it grew chaotic due to the global pandemic. Between 12-14 March 2020, the first regional conference of the […]

Communicating the fight against COVID 19

We rightly hear a lot about the medical workers selflessly risking their lives to help those with COVID-19. Beyond that, however, there are many sectors now dedicated to fighting the virus in non-medical ways. Alisha Ally is a Chevening Alumna in one such sector. With thirteen years under her belt as a Media and Communications […]

In the midst of an epidemic

BY CAROLINE SCOTTER-MAINPRIZE ‘No one knew how to deal with it when the outbreak first struck – it was chaos. There was no leadership. There seemed to be no coordination with the international agencies. There was no means of social mobilisation to engage with communities and limit transmission of the disease. We lacked equipment and […]

A tea party with the Duchess

by Nick Yap, Chevening Social Media Ambassador

I was one of four Chevening Scholars that was invited to share my research with HRH Meghan Markle at Buckingham Palace on Commonwealth Day.

Six of the best glimpses of spring I’ve seen so far

by Chevening Scholars - Class of 2019,

In many cultures, spring represents rebirth, renewal, and hope. Spring is also about positivity and beauty – two things that feel especially important now. After a dark, cold, and long winter, glimpses of spring are always welcome and each year, scholars find their morale lifted greatly by these small changes to the weather and to […]

60 seconds with the international team

by Chevening,

What do all the different teams do at Chevening? To find out more about what one particular team does, we spoke to Rachel and Nora from the international team...

UK events in March

Scotland Glasgow Comedy Festival When: 12-29th March Where: Glasgow Back for its 18th year, this international comedy festival (the largest in Europe) promises huge laughs. Featuring film screenings, stand-up comics and witty plays at venues across the city, make sure to peruse the catalogue so as not to miss out! North West World’s Original Marmalade […]

Seven books that I am supposed to read this term

FACING THE FUTURE Kazhaw Rashid, Iraq ‘“How do I begin making a lasting change?” A question that has been haunting me for so long. This simple yet effective book helped me sort that out! It has a powerful message about the fear of change, and how to motivate people to face the future and take […]

Chevening interview tips from scholars

by Chevening,

Chevening interviews will soon begin around the world, and we wanted to give you some tips. Who better to ask than those who have been there, done that, and got the scholarship?