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How did I learn what cricket was? Thanks to Chevening!

by Daniel Zamnius, Social Media Ambassador

Half-past eleven, I am late and finally arriving at Lord’s Cricket Ground after my exams. My programme officer Kadri Paju meets me smiling. I enter the arena where I see many people, including my fellow Cheveners, watching the game that has already started. During the first hour, I completely did not understand what was happening […]

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The five best FA Cup goals of all time

by Kadri Paju, Programme Officer - UK

Manchester City will be hoping to add another trophy to this season’s collection when they play Watford today in the final of the FA Cup. The FA Cup (the ‘FA stands for Football Association) is the oldest national football competition in the world. Plenty of magnificent goals have been scored in the 147 years since […]

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Ten UK landscapes that took my breath away

by Chevening Scholars, Class of 2018

Whether it’s the glens and lochs in Scotland, the rolling hills in Yorkshire, or the gentle (and sometimes not-so-gentle) waves in Cornwall, the UK is filled with landscapes to take away the breaths of even the most difficult to please. Our scholars have been living in and exploring the UK for many months now but […]

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Scholar blog - landscapes that took my breath away

Taste test: my favourite British chocolates

by Gabriel Torgbor-Ashong, Social Media Ambassador

It was the good scent of chocolate that welcomed me to York, or so I made myself believe. The event, for which I left bed by 4am for a four-hour journey from Brighton in the south to York in the north of England was themed ‘York; City built on Chocolate’. I arrived with anticipation to […]

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New fellowship for African media professionals announced

Sixty media professionals from across Africa will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills, and networks as part of a new Chevening Fellowship programme announced by UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. The Chevening Africa Media Freedom Fellowship will focus on promoting and protecting media freedom, and forms part of a global effort led by the UK and […]

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A flow of thoughts on Waterloo Bridge

by Ekaterina Provornaya, Social Media Ambassador

Every morning I cross Waterloo Bridge. The breeze brings scents of fresh espressos and sweet cherry blossom. I’m walking at pace, trying to catch the rhythm of the metropolis and embrace every second of being. The past six months in the UK have been a journey of my self-rediscovery. The things I’ve experienced, the lessons […]

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UK events: May 2019

by Programme team – UK, Chevening Secretariat

UK-wide May Day Celebrations 1 May – Oxford, Padstow, St Andrews Various celebrations across the UK mark the advent of May with Morris dancing, drinking and much merriment! Head to Oxford or Padstow (Cornwall) for traditional celebrations or to St Andrews to partake in a chilly morning dip at the East Sands.   London and […]

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Eight things that reminded me of home

by Chevening Scholars, Class of 2018

The UK is a multicultural place which has long attracted people from all over the world, who enrich UK life by bringing their own influences with them to these shores. It is not uncommon to walk around a city and hear multiple languages being spoken around you, or to go somewhere remote in the countryside and still find a […]

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Scholar blog - things that reminded me of home

Chevening Debate: Should social media firms be held accountable for harmful content shared on their platforms?

by Parizad Baria, Social Media Ambassador

Debating combines critical thinking, planning, research, strategising and effective presentation skills, while encouraging a healthy questioning attitude. It calls into play the ability to articulate your thoughts while thinking on your feet and keeping your personal emotions in check. This makes it a powerful skill to have in both personal and professional situations, across fields. […]

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Chevening hosts largest ever regional conference in San José, Costa Rica

In celebration of its 35th anniversary, the Chevening Secretariat and British Embassy San José hosted our largest regional conference to date. The conference brought together Chevening officers from across the Americas, British Overseas Territories, and the Caribbean to network, learn, and exchange ideas. Now in its second series, the regional conference is a way to […]

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