In the year that the UK government hosts the 26th UN Climate Change Conference, the Chevening Scholarships programme is in a unique position to effect sustainable change across the world.  

With over 52,000 alumni in 160 countries and territories across the world, the Chevening network is educated, influential and led by purposeWe hope that our scholars and alumni are motivated to lead the climate fightback in their own countries, and we encourage you to pledge to take climate action this year with the #OurClimatePledge campaign.

There are environmental costs to running a global scholarship programme, and this year we aim to make meaningful improvements to areas within our control. 

We recognise that there is always more that we can do to make the Chevening programme more sustainable. We will continue to explore how we can develop our sustainability action agenda over time. 

Our climate priorities in 2021


Cutting the air miles and waste material generated through our marketing  

Every year we send marketing materials to British embassies and high commissions worldwide to help them to promote the Chevening Scholarships programme in their country. This year we will: 

  • Commit to reducing the items sent around the world by 30%. 
  • Reinvest cost-savings in ensuring that materials are high-quality, sustainable, and do not contribute to the global waste and plastic problem. 
  • Focus on customisable digital marketing materials and templates that can be edited according to the needs of the country they are being used in. 


Making our events more sustainable 

No in-person Chevening Scholar events are taking place at the moment due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we aim to make these events more sustainable. This year we will: 

  • Work with caterers, universities and event spaces to make sure that catering and other event requirements are sustainably sourced. 
  • Reduce single-use plastics used for example in drinks.  
  • Focus on local events and encourage low-carbon travel to events. 


Educating ourselves and others 

The Chevening network is an incredible global source of educated, experienced, dedicated and innovative professionals. We will: 

  • Continue to explore solutions that will make our operation more climate-friendly. 
  • Share knowledge and thought-leadership on sustainability and showcase expertise throughout the network on our Chevening channels. 
  • Organise practical, solutions-focused events on sustainability topics for our community. 


Working with our alumni to make a global impact 

With a network of more than 50,000 professionals in countries around the world, we can inspire global action on environmental protection. We will: 

  • Encourage alumni to work collaboratively on sustainability projects that will have a positive impact on the climate goals of COP26 in their professional or personal lives. 
  • Motivate alumni working in sustainability to share their knowledge and expertise both inside and outside of the Chevening network. 
  • Amplify the network’s voices, knowledge and expertise. 


Make your climate pledge now