Six Nations Championship

For the sports fans, a highlight in February is the Six Nations Championship, the world’s largest annual international rugby competition!

Every year, France, Italy, Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland come together for five fierce rounds of competition.

The Championship is hosted in stadiums across the six nations (three of which are in the UK). It is also broadcast on BBC iPlayer, ITVx, and Netflix, so you can enjoy all the action from the comfort of your home!

Pancake Day

""On 13 February, Pancake Day (also known as Shrove Tuesday) will be celebrated by people across the UK.

Pancake Day marks the last day before Lent; a time for Christians to fast in the lead up to Easter.

Traditionally, people would take the chance to clear the remaining eggs, flour, and sugar from their kitchens. Nowadays, people are more likely to give up something like chocolate or sweets. But nonetheless, Shrove Tuesday remains a great excuse to indulge in pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Why not host a pancake party for your fellow Cheveners?

Lunar New Year Celebrations

Across the world, over a billion people, especially those of East Asian/Confucian heritage, will celebrate the Lunar New Year.

The Year of the Dragon starts on 10 February 2024 in the Western calendar.

Some of the biggest celebrations can be found in the Chinatowns of London and Manchester.

Why not watch the traditional Lion Dance parade, fill your stomach with New Year delights, pick up a paintbrush to practise Chinese calligraphy, and take a moment to appreciate the auspicious red and golden decorations!

Dark Skies Festival

The Dark Skies Festival is widely observed in National Parks across the UK, including Northumberland, North York Moors, Yorkshire Dales National Park, and South Downs.

It’s all about embracing the dark sky and the stars you can see as a result of it.

Be immersed in nature’s nocturnal wonders with stargazing, night navigation, astrophotography workshops, and more!


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