2019 Chevening Alumna Mirza Nikšić gained a promotion shortly studying in the UK with the Chevening Western Balkans Fellowship. We find out how he leveraged his new knowledge and networks to achieve his career goals.

Mirza Nikšić is a 2019 Chevening Alumna, now working as Head of the Technical Department at Canton Sarajevo Ministry of Interior (MoI). We find out more about how he is leveraging his Chevening experience to support his career in withstanding cyber security threats.

How have you leveraged your Chevening Fellowship to increase cyber resilience?

I wanted to take part in the Chevening Western Balkans Fellowship to learn more about different aspects of cyber security. I was particularly impressed by the wide range of topics – from psychology to law – that the fellowship at Cranfield University covered. I gained a promotion shortly after my time on the fellowship and now work at the MoI.

Part of my current role involves working closely with the Criminal Investigation Department on wide ranging security issues.

I am responsible for the way in which we handle data, which impacts the security of wider society. The broad education that fellows receive on the Chevening Western Balkans Fellowship is really spot on.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

On one particular case with the Criminal Investigation Department, I was able to draw upon my Chevening network to access a specialist police unit in the UK

I helped to facilitate and organise coordination between Sarajevo Police Department and one department of the Metropolitan police for a case that we were working on. I used all of my Chevening network and it was incredibly helpful.

I’m also well connected to the Chevening Cyber Security network. Fellows from across the Western Balkans region have stayed in contact following their fellowship and we’ve also begun forging connections with Chevening Cyber Security fellowship alumni in India, to discuss common issues, challenges and share opportunities.

I’m using the knowledge and networks gained from my fellowship to support with the development of a new security unit for Police Officers in my department.

I’m recommending hardware, software, and the additional necessities that a cyber department should have. The fellowship is helping me because I know which equipment or software is going to be most useful.

What are your plans for the future?

Working in cyber security and trying to make progress in this field can be challenging. There is often a lack of awareness and understanding in the importance of cyber security, and attracting investment in it can be difficult. Despite this Mirza is keen to see:

I’m nevertheless determined to see cyber security in Bosnia go from strength to strength. If we can withstand cyber security threats, we can achieve positive change across the country.


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