Wadi Ben-Hirki is a Chevening Alumna from the Class of 2021 and works across Nigeria to impact the lives of the marginalized and disadvantaged through humanitarianism and advocacy. Discover more about her work here.


Wadi Ben-Hirki, University of Sussex (2021)

Wadi Ben-Hirki was born in Lagos state, Southwestern Nigeria and grew up in Kaduna state, Northwestern Nigeria. She spent her Chevening year studying International Education and Development at the University of Sussex. The experiences and skills she gained over that year prepared her to work towards her ultimate goal – bringing about a better and more sustainable world.

Wadi is the founder of the ‘Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation’, a non-governmental youth-led organisation, which works across Nigeria to improve the lives of less-privileged, marginalized and disadvantaged communities through humanitarianism and advocacy. Wadi’s focus now, following her Chevening Scholarship, is on the growth and development of her organisation. She aims to secure more partnerships, collaborations, funding, and support in order to advance the foundation’s impact.

Being an agent for change does not require being in a position of power. We all play important roles in improving our world and ensuring its sustainability for future generations.

Wadi also works on various policies, projects, and campaigns with other organisations in Nigeria, Africa, and around the world. These tackle issues relating to inclusivity, equitable or free education, gender equality, and diversity. Additionally, Wadi was been selected as a Top 50 finalist for the Chegg.org Global Student Prize 2022 in recognition of her achievements in humanitarianism.

‘I am proud of my can-do attitude and never-give-up mentality that pushes me to fight harder and believe that my dreams are valid, and the constant reminder that I have a role to play in ensuring everyone has a fighting chance in life’.

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