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Eight amazing landscapes I’ve seen this year

by Chevening Scholars - Class of 2019,

When thinking about the UK, if the image that pops into your mind first is of large bustling cities with skyscrapers, many cars, busses, and trains, and generally, an urban environment, you would be correct. But, you would also be wrong. Whilst the UK does have many urban areas in the form of cities and […]

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UK events in August

by Chevening,

As tourism and hospitality sectors tentatively re-open in the UK, we’ve rounded up a combination of promising re-openings and re-imaginings of iconic annual events for those still in the UK and unmissable virtual events for those tuning in from home.

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Behind the scenes at Chevening: Placement

by Programme team – UK, Chevening Secretariat

Recently, the new cohort of Chevening Scholars were given the good news that they have been selected for a scholarship to study in the UK in 2020/2021. But, what goes on behind the scenes from that point on? Simply put, Placement. Placement is the period between applicants receiving their Conditional Award Letters to the moment they begin […]

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Chevening POUK team

My interactive virtual learning experience

When COVID-19 sent the UK into lockdown, Chevening Scholar Dito Adisuryo had assumed that the university field trip to the Orkney Islands would be cancelled. Luckily for him and his classmates however, university professor Dr Watts, had other ideas!

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The battle against COVID-19 misinformation

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly every walk of life – but one of the biggest battlefronts has been online. The lack of concrete guidance and understanding about COVID-19 has created the perfect conditions for rumours and fake news to spread. This was something that began to be of increasing concern to Tan Su Lin, […]

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Chevening Alumni Leadership Conference

Chevening’s alumni association leaders are key ambassadors for the programme and work hard to create strong local networks that benefit their wider communities. From 2-3 June 2020, our alumni group leaders had the opportunity to meet, network and develop their skills at the first ever Chevening Alumni Leadership Conference. Over 100 people joined the conference […]

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Female identity and the changing of surnames

Hande Cayir is a Chevening Alumna from the class of 2018 – studying Journalism and Documentary Practice at the University of Sussex. Prior to that she directed a documentary promoting the power of the individual, ‘Yok Anasının Soyadı’ (Mrs. His Name, 2012). Now she has just published her third book ‘Documentary as Autoethnography: a Case […]

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Words Really Can Heal the World

2017 Chevening Alumna Beatriz Buarque set up an initiative to combat online extremism in 2018. Words Heal the World has now won a prize at the Luxembourg Peace Prize – a remarkable achievement. Here she tells us about her work and what has inspired it. In 2015, the jihadist group ISIS was recruiting thousands of […]

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