Who pays for my accommodation?

Scholars are responsible for finding, and paying for, their own accommodation. Chevening is not able to pay for your accommodation on your behalf. We would recommend that you do not pay anything for your accommodation until you have viewed the property and made sure you are happy with it.

Can Chevening act as my guarantor?

Chevening is not able to act as a guarantor under any circumstances. A guarantor is a third-party individual or organisation who agrees to be responsible for paying your rent if you fail to do so. University accommodation providers will not generally ask for a guarantor, but some private landlords will require one as a condition of […]

Is accommodation included in my fellowship?

This will be dependent on your fellowship and will be stated in your final award letter. Where accommodation is pre-arranged as part of your award, you will receive a reduced living allowance. If accommodation is not pre-arranged as part of your award, your monthly living allowance will be calculated to include accommodation costs.

Sample FAQ 2

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