Social media ambassadors

Chevening Social Media Ambassadors (SMAs) showcase what it’s like to be a Chevening Scholar by attending events and documenting their journey during their year in the UK.

SMAs show our community what life studying, living, and travelling in the UK is really like. SMAs attend and share content from social or academic Chevening events, and also from their day-to-day life as a scholar using social media, video, and blogs.

Ten SMAs were selected for 2018/2019, and you can read more about them below.

Follow their lives through the #CheveningSMA hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.

Syukri Shah

Country: Malaysia
University: University of Sheffield

‘Being an SMA for Chevening is a great opportunity for me to share my perspectives and journey in the UK while improving my networking skills. Furthermore, I am passionate about photography, hence I am really looking forward to show the exciting and diverse landscapes of the UK through photos.’

Brian Osweta

Country: Kenya
University: Cardiff University

‘Being an SMA for me is an opportunity to share with the world how Chevening is transforming leaders all over the world. Being an adventurer, I plan to travel across Wales and the UK in general, to show the world the rich diversity and culture the place has to offer.’

Daniel Zamnius

Country: Kazakhstan
University: Brunel University

‘I have chosen to apply to be a Chevening Social Media Ambassador in order to bring a valuable experience into my life and to help others. The Chevening brand inspires me as the world’s most prestigious scholarship award. It will be a big honour to represent Chevening as an SMA.’

Ahmad Ayyoub

Country: Occupied Palestinian Territories
University: University of Leeds

‘Working in public relations for six years now, I became aware of the significance of social media platforms. To demonstrate my passion and gratitude to Chevening I found it necessary to apply to become an SMA. That way I could reflect on the uniqueness of Chevening and the UK culturally, historically, and educationally.’

Peter Pages

Country: Kenya
University: University of Exeter

‘My dreams have often seemed unattainable, yet Chevening presents possibilities that will inspire hope both to me and multitudes of young people in Africa. I see being an SMA as a convenient opportunity to innovate, lead, and serve, while explaining to the world just how wonderful the Chevening Award is.’

Ekaterina Provornaya

Country: Russia
University: UCL

‘As an SMA, I would like to share my experience (with a particular emphasis on art) with the world and inspire others to apply for the scholarship. Previously I was responsible for social media at the Moscow Theatre Museum, and I hope to apply my skills in content creation with Chevening.’

Gabriel Torgbor-Ashong

Country: Ghana
University: University of Sussex

‘It’s my quest to use my experience in multimedia journalism to dig and share unique stories about Chevening Scholars, to provide appreciation of and great insights into the Chevening programme, and to inspire people across the world.’

Kirana Agustina

Country: Indonesia
University: UCL

‘Being an SMA is a chance to get involved in all things Chevening, and to meet inspiring people while using my passion for digital media and storytelling. I have six years’ experience managing communication platforms for environmental NGOs and multilateral organisations, and I hope to inspire others through my Chevening journey.’

Parizad Baria

Country: India
University: University of Edinburgh

‘I always wanted to work in animal welfare, and it would have been impossible to study this without the Chevening Award. Very few people are aware of this amazing opportunity available across fields. Being an SMA empowers me to make it known across India, and help others realise their dreams.’

Gabriela Herrera

Country: Dominican Republic
University: Loughborough University

‘Becoming part of the SMA team has been a dream ever since I submitted my Chevening application last year. As a designer, I hope to transmit this experience in a relatable and touching way: to inspire future scholars and connect with new people, all while I immerse in life in the UK!’