Social media ambassadors

Social media ambassadors

Chevening Social Media Ambassadors (SMAs) showcase what it’s like to be a Chevening Scholar by attending events and documenting their journey during their year in the UK.

SMAs show our community what life studying, living, and travelling in the UK is really like. SMAs attend and share content from social or academic Chevening events, and also from their day-to-day life as a scholar using social media, video, and blogs.

Eight SMAs were selected for 2020/2021, and you can read more about them below.

Follow their lives through the #IamChevening hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.

Aylín Estrada Lara

Country: Mexico
University: University of Sussex
Course: MA Development Studies

‘Your new nerd friend in your feed.

Being a Chevener is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As a social media ambassador, I want to share this journey not just with my colleagues, but with people across the world looking for a signal to apply and join us. Join me on my journey this year!’

Kat Mallillin

Country: Philippines
University: Loughborough University, London
Course: MSc Managing Innovations in Creative Organisations

‘As an SMA, I will be showing a glimpse of the quality of education in the UK, championing the different vibrant cultures, and the wonderful network of the leaders and change-makers from the Chevening community.’

Melalin Mahavongtrakul

Country: Thailand
University: University of Sussex
Course: MA Media Practice for Development and Social Change

‘Being a Chevening Scholar is an achievement I’m very proud of and I’m also honoured to join the SMA team, which I see as a role that will help me make the most out of my time in the UK. Beyond studying (and the pandemic), this year has also been filled with great memories and friendship. I can’t wait to share these experiences with everyone.’

Mustafa Ozsoy

Country: Turkey
University: King’s College London, University of London
Course: MSc Digital Marketing

‘Chevening offers a breathtaking adventure in the UK, and social media is the best way to show what we experience throughout the year. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and take your place in this one-year-long adventure with me.’

Prashant Gangapersad

Country: Suriname
University: University of Derby
Course: MSc International Business

‘After being awarded the adventure of a lifetime, I aspired to share my experiences with the world. By combining my passion for photography and storytelling, I hope to represent Chevening’s vision, legacy, and my journey as a scholar in the most vibrant way possible. As a Chevening SMA, I am also looking forward to engaging with other knowledge-seekers and enthusiasts.’

Serene Habbal

Country: Syria
University: London School of Economics and Political Science
Course: MSc Development Management

‘Being selected as a Chevening Scholar is a golden opportunity to learn, meet global leaders, and explore a new country. I’m so excited to be a social media ambassador and share my own journey with everyone, so stay tuned for some pretty sights, rich culture, and a lot of funny moments.’

Shanea Strachan

Country: Bahamas
University: Bournemouth University
Course: MA Producing Film and Television

‘Hello, I’m Shanea (nay) from the beautiful country of the Bahamas! I’m very grateful and super excited for the opportunity to represent Chevening and to serve as a Social Media Ambassador. I am looking forward to sharing the United Kingdom through my lens and connecting with present and future scholars. Experience this journey with me by joining me on YouTube and Instagram!’

Winnie Tsuma

Country: Kenya
University: University of Bristol
Course: MSc Public Policy

‘I love to write stories that are based on my personal experiences to inspire people. As a Social Media Ambassador, I will continue to write my stories which will be about my time in the UK showing the different areas that I will visit, the networking opportunities that I will engage in, and generally about my studies in the UK. I want to raise awareness of the scholarship and to show people what a great opportunity Chevening is.’