Covid-19 information for offer holders for 2021-22

This page answers frequently asked questions about how scholars studying in the 2021-22 academic year will be supported to study during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Will I need to quarantine on arrival in the UK?

You can find out if you will need to quarantine, and more information about how to do that at the following links:

My country is on the UK red list for travel. Will Chevening pay for my quarantine costs?

If your country is on the red list when you come to travel to the UK then your quarantine costs will be met by the Secretariat. Please contact your Programme Officer for further details.

I will need to take PCR tests in order to travel to the UK – will I be reimbursed for these?

The Secretariat will provide a contribution for any test/s you are required to take to enter the UK. Please contact your Programme Officer for further details.

Will I have access to health care while I’m in the UK?

The UK is a safe place to study, and UK universities are prioritising students’ safety and wellbeing.

The UK higher education sector has gone above and beyond to ensure that international students’ physical and mental health are prioritised. If you have any questions about the services you can access at your university, you should get in touch with your university directly.

The UK’s world-renowned National Health Service (NHS) has taken care of people from around the world during this pandemic and will continue to do so. You will be able to access NHS services in addition to support from your university – the same as UK students. Chevening pays your Immigration Health Surcharge, which gives you access to the NHS.

What restrictions are in place in the UK as a result of COVID-19?

Covid-19 restrictions remain in place across the UK, although they have relaxed significantly since the winter.

Find out what you can and cannot do across the UK, and how this is set to change in the coming months