PASHA bank

PASHA Bank is a leading investment and corporate bank in Azerbaijan. Established in 2007, it provides a range of corporate banking services, including loans, securities, current account and treasury services, to both its domestic clients and foreign companies interested in doing business in the region.

PASHA Bank offers a range of financial products backed by trade finance-related partnerships with international banks and financial institutions. The bank also offers underwriting services to legal entities and is the first in the local securities market to act as a market maker.

How does PASHA Bank benefit from partnering with Chevening?

As a leading bank of Azerbaijan, we believe that in future our scholars will become a driving force ensuring the sustainable development of the Azerbaijani economy by applying the acquired knowledge and skills in the public and private sectors.

Which subjects and degree programmes does the partnership support?

PASHA Bank co-funds one Chevening Award available to an applicant from Azerbaijan wishing to study a subject related to financial technology, digital banking, or e-commerce.

Applicants who apply for an award in the relevant subject areas will be considered for a co-sponsored Chevening Award.

Scholar experience

'As a Chevening Scholar receiving partnership funding from PASHA Bank, I highly appreciate having the bank as a part of my study journey in the UK. I believe PASHA Bank’s support will only enrich my Chevening and study experiences through valuable interactions. In addition to its contribution to my master's studies in the UK, I consider PASHA Bank a desired potential partner in Azerbaijan upon returning to my home country.

'I hope that the partnership between Chevening Awards and PASHA Bank will achieve a long-term positive impact by inspiring and supporting thousands of youngsters like me from Azerbaijan to thrive.'

- Rakhshanda Alili, Master of Finance student, University of Cambridge