Imperial College London

Imperial College London is the only UK university to focus entirely on science, engineering, medicine, and business.

Consist­ently ranked within the top three universi­ties in the UK and Europe, and the top ten worldwide, Imperial attracts the very best students and academics.

As well as under­taking the highest-quality fundamental research in core academic disciplines, staff and students also work at the interface of these fields to explore broad challenges in health, energy, the environment and security, and help deliver practical solu­tions and new innovations.

Founded in 1907, Imperial builds on a distinguished past - having pioneered penicillin, holography and fibre optics - to shape the future.

Imperial nurtures a dynamic enterprise culture, where collaborations with industrial, healthcare and international partners are the norm.

A scholar's view:

Lina Quttub, a Palestinian former Chevening Scholar at Imperial College, on her work after Imperial:

'I plan to be involved in projects which aim to investigate and take action to fight against poverty and diseases in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Lina Quttub

'Such projects will help improve the health, nutrition and other key social challenges facing people of all ages.

'Taking a role in this can be a significant force for achieving peace and development, which in turn can result in real improvements that benefit all people.'

Who do Imperial College London support? 

Imperial College London generously co-funds a number of Chevening Awards to support any one-year taught master's programme at Imperial for applicants from the following countries:

  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Palestine
  • Syria

All applicants who wish to be considered for an award at Imperial are encouraged to select Imperial as their first preference in their Chevening application.