Chevening community meets in Dubai

Chevening officers from across the Middle East and North Africa gathered in Dubai for a three-day regional conference in December 2017, during which they also had the opportunity to meet with Chevening Alumni.

Chevening officers are responsible for marketing to applicants, selecting scholars, and engaging with alumni in their respective countries. Regional workshops provide a valuable opportunity for them to receive training, share best practice with one another, and discuss some of the particular opportunities and challenges for Chevening in their region.

On the second evening of the workshop, members of the Chevening Alumni group in the UAE joined the Chevening officers for a drinks reception, where they were able to network and share their experiences of being part of the global Chevening community.

Although Chevening does not run in the UAE, circumstances may take some alumni outside of their countries of origin, whether for professional or personal reasons. When this happens, having access to a community of like-minded professionals who all share experiences of studying in the UK has an added importance.

‘Every Chevener has experienced Britain’s multicultural society and, for many, the best part of their journey in the UK was the people they met,’ Yazan Madi, co-ordinator of the alumni group in the UAE, said.

‘It is important for alumni to maintain these connections with the Chevening network wherever they are in the world.’

Since 1983, over 48,000 leaders have benefitted from a Chevening Award. The Chevening Alumni community consists of esteemed professionals working in a wide range of fields, including politics, business, the media, civil society, academia, and finance. One of the ways alumni are able to connect is through joining local or regional alumni groups in order to socialise, network, and exchange ideas and opportunities.

The Chevening Alumni group in the UAE was established in 2014 and has already organised several professional development and social networking events, Yazan explained.

‘Many alumni have established lifetime friendships and have been instrumental in each other’s personal and professional successes,’ he added.

Yazan Madi (second from left) with members of the Chevening community at a meet-up in Dubai

To get in touch with the alumni group, contact the co-ordinator Yazan Madi through the Chevening Alumni UAE LinkedIn Group.