Media and creatives

John Momoh

Founder, Chairman and CEO of Channels Television, Nigeria

My Chevening experience changed my worldview and helped me build an inner self-belief, which subsequently translated into peer leadership momentum.

Even as a young journalist, John Momoh had a clear understanding of his career purpose: to uphold the highest ideals of reporting. This ideal sustained him through a hugely successful broadcasting career, achieving many awards.

However, his purpose was not fully realised until he took a chance to build something independently. After completing his Chevening Fellowship at the Thomson Foundation in Cardiff in 1990; John founded Channels TV with the aim of increasing transparency in Nigerian reporting and serving as a watchdog to governmental policies. Their success is evident, winning Nigeria’s ‘Television Station of the Year’ Award eleven times and the African Achievers Awards Trust’s 2014 ‘Best Television Station in Africa’ Award.

John’s role as a vanguard pushing forward journalistic integrity in Nigeria, and globally, continues. John spreads his message to emerging journalists, speaking at AfricaCom 2017 and Guardians of the Nation International Conference.

Gisele Raulik Murphy

Partner at DUCO consultancy, Brazil

Dr Gisele Raulik Murphy is a consultant, researcher, lecturer, board member of the Centro Brasil Design, and founding partner of the design management consultancy DUCO. She was awarded a Chevening Scholarship in 2002, which provided her with an opportunity to study strategies for design and innovation at Brunel University. Her studies in design policies led to the first global conference and network addressing the role of design in public policy. This has contributed to several significant developments, including the integration of design into the European Commission’s Innovation Agenda. She has also obtained a PhD on design policy from the University of Wales and has worked for design organisations in Brazil (Centro Brasil Design) and in the UK (Design Council and Design Wales).

Nandita Palchoudhuri

Social Entrepreneur in the field of Indian Folk Art, Craft, and Performance

Nandita Palchoudhuri is a social entrepreneur curating and consulting internationally, in the field of Indian Folk Art Craft and Performance. She designs and delivers exhibitions, installations, educational workshops, seminars and lecture-demonstrations using Indian Folk techniques and traditional practices. This process helps to regenerate the craft and provide a sustainable livelihood for the highly skilled but often unemployed Artisan.

As a Chevening Clore Fellow, she explored the relationship between British and Indian culture. The report she produced served as a basis for the Re-imagine project which contributed to the formation of an independent volume exploring the evolving relationship between India and the UK.

Nandita’s work is highly acclaimed. Her Chandannagar Lights installations have been commissioned at the Thames Festival, Belfast Festival and Blackpool Illuminations festival; and Shola Craft featured at Edinburgh Festival. She has several other craft-based presentations across the world including in France, Spain, Italy, China, and New Zealand. She also works on projects with Patachitra and UNAids

Sissako Florence Tamko

Chief Correspondent for Cameroon Radio Television at the Office of the Prime Minister in Yaounde , Cameroon

Sissako completed a short course on Advanced Broadcast Journalism at Cardiff University, at the prestigious Centre for Journalism Studies, under the sponsorship of Chevening. She has a long career as a reporter and news anchor in Cameroon. She also serves as a Research Officer at the office of the Prime Minister. Sissako’s time in Cardiff has had a lasting effect on her and led her to set consistently high standards of journalism for herself.