Chevening's 2022-2023 Impact Report

In this 40th anniversary year, our impact report celebrates the change that Chevening Alumni have spearheaded across continents and industries, and we extend our gratitude to all those who continue to make Chevening possible today.

Since 1983, Chevening has supported future leaders from across the globe to study in the UK before returning to their countries to drive innovation and help build a more sustainable, equal, and connected world.

Among our alumni community we are proud to have presidents and climate activists, healthcare professionals and women’s rights advocates, conflict resolution and development experts.

This report shares the impact that some of these extraordinary Cheveners have had over the past 40 years.

Download Chevening’s Annual Report 2022-23 [PDF]

Read some of the inspiring stories in the report

Chevening Impact Report 2022-2023: Fellow stories

Chevening Impact Report 2022-2023: Fellow stories

Chevening Fellows, Eduardo Carvalho and Fernala Sejmen-Banjac, share how their Chevening Fellowship experiences helped shape them and their subsequent career paths.