Alumni Groups

From Argentina to Azerbaijan, or Belize to Botswana, our range of international alumni groups provide you with a chance to meet other like-minded people for socialising, professional networking, exchange of ideas and knowledge, and positive local actions. Find out more about groups near you by using the links on this page. Please be aware that alumni groups are managed by volunteers, so if you do not receive an immediate response, we ask you to be patient. If there is no group in your country, contact us at [email protected] to discuss setting up a new group.

South Pacific Chevening Alumni


British Chevening Scholars (Hong Kong) Association

Hong Kong
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Chevening Alumni Brunei (CAB)

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Antigua & Barbuda Chevening Alumni Association

Antigua and Barbuda

Chevening Alumni Foundation of the Philippines Inc. (CAFPi)


Chevening Alumni Malaysia (CAM)

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Chevening Alumni Korea

South Korea

Chevening Alumni Association in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago
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