2016/2017 Social Media Ambassadors

Chevening Social Media Ambassadors (SMAs) showcase what it’s like to be a Chevening Scholar by attending events and documenting their journey during their year in the UK. 

Ten SMAs were selected for 2016/2017 and you can find out who they were below.

You can watch video highlights of their year in the UK here, or you can see an interview with the 2016/2017 Chevening Social Media Ambassador of the Year, Nicolette Bryan, here.

Abdulla Hawez

Social Media Ambassador
  • Country of Origin: Iraq
  • University: King’s College London
  • Course: MA Middle Eastern Studies
  • Abdulla has worked closely with social media for a while now and has particularly enjoyed his time working on the UK funded media project called Yalla. Here he was responsible for building and expanding a network of freelance journalists to target content at young Iraqis. He also has journalism experience having written for Vice News, Huffington Post and Aljazeera amongst others showcasing his suitability as an SMA. Whilst here, Abdulla has ideas to create a campaign highlighting scholars’ daily lives whilst in the UK.
  • Twitter: @abdullahawez                  
  • Instagram: abdullahawez

Darathtey Din

Social Media Ambassador
  • Country of Origin: Cambodia
  • University: University of Warwick
  • Course: MA Global Media and Communication

Darathtey managed UNICEF’s Cambodia Facebook account alongside other social media platforms. Her time at UNICEF familiarised her with the process of creating campaigns to enhance youth participation and this saw her leading on the UNICEF project ‘Local Voices of Youth Blogging Internship 2016’. Darathey hopes to use her skills to highlight the extracurricular activities and exciting lives of the Chevening Scholars whilst here in the UK.

Dee May Tan

Social Media Ambassador
  • Country of origin: Malaysia
  • University: University of Westminster
  • Course: MA Multimedia Journalism (Print & Online)

Dee has extensive experience with social media management having had past roles as a senior editor, marketing communications coordinator and social media manager which have seen her running multiple social media campaigns. She looks forward to marketing Chevening initiatives at official events and engaging with the wider Chevening community. Her eye for creating visually appealing images, her love of photography as well as her writing skills for digital platforms will serve her well as an SMA.

Kemesha Kelly

Social Media Ambassador
  • Country of Origin: Jamaica
  • University: University of York
  • Course: MA Social Policy

Kemesha’s time as a programme manager for the Respect Jamaica campaign has seen her lead the development of effective social media strategies to combat discrimination in Jamaica. Whilst here, she described in her application how she is personally committed to seeing as much of the UK as she can - and adds that she wants those thinking of applying to ask her questions so she can help them.

Maria Camila Pantoja Ruiz

Social Media Ambassador
  • Country of Origin: Colombia
  • University: University College of London
  • Course: MSc Clinical Neuroscience

Maria has considerable experience using social media from her time spent promoting her medical school through the use of blogs and Facebook. She enjoys sharing on social media and is very active, regularly proposing discussion topics on her platforms which have been known to go viral. She describes herself as a good photographer and wants use her images as a showcase of her time here as a Chevening Scholar.

Nicolette Bryan

Social Media Ambassador
  • Country of Origin: Jamaica
  • University: Cardiff University
  • Course: MSc Social and Public policy

Having served as an associate director for the charity Women’s Empowerment for Change working on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as being contracted as a social media consultant for the United Nation’s Denham Town Community Project, Nicolette is excited to become a Chevening SMA. She believes storytelling is an amazing tool for brand promotion and wants to inspire others to mirror the values of Chevening through her work on social media.

Nurbanu Asena

Social Media Ambassador
  • Country of Origin: Turkey
  • University: Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Course: MA Filmmaking – Screen Documentary

Using Facebook professionally since 2010 to promote an independent animation society, Canlandiranlar, Nurbanu has successfully managed to raise its following from 300 to 3,500 people. She also uses Tumblr to blog about her personal life and professional artwork. During her time here in the UK, Nurbanu aims to use sketching, blogging and photography to promote positive messages about Chevening.

Patricia Miranda

Social Media Ambassador
  • Country of origin: Philippines
  • University: University of Edinburgh
  • Course: MSc Global Health and Public Policy

Having worked with Change.org Philippines on running campaigns focused at limiting tobacco use in the population, Patricia has a strong background in using social media campaigns to increase awareness and stakeholder engagement. She hopes to share her experiences as a Chevening Scholar on social media as a way of inspiring those in her network to also become Chevening Scholars.

Udval Oyunsaikhan

Social Media Ambassador
  • Country of Origin: Mongolia
  • University: University of Leeds
  • Course: MSc Sustainability in Transport

Having used social media promotion and development as an integral part of her role in the language translation industry, Udval is well suited to her role as an SMA. She has a wealth of social media experience and one of her goals is to make a documentary about Mongolian Chevening Alumni and the careers they’ve gone on to have.

Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo-Wondieh

Social Media Ambassador
  • Country of Origin: Cameroon
  • University: University of Aberdeen
  • Course: MSc Sex, Gender, Violence: Contemporary Critical Approaches

Using social media for grassroots campaigns aiming to give women and children a voice, Zoneziwoh has vast experience making her perfect for the SMA role. She has also created a feminist blog as a way to provide women with a safe digital space. By becoming an SMA, Zoneziwoh wishes to connect with likeminded scholars and to be a part of a vibrant scholarly network that uses the power of digital media to connect, support and empower each other.

  • Twitter: @ZoFem                  
  • Instagram: ZoFem                
  • YouTube: Zoneziwoh