2017/2018 Social Media Ambassadors

Chevening Social Media Ambassadors (SMAs) showcase what it’s like to be a Chevening Scholar by attending events and documenting their journey during their year in the UK. 

Ten SMAs have been selected for 2017/2018 and you can find out who they were below.

Follow their lives by using the #CheveningSMA hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.

Martin Asiedu-Dartey

Social Media Ambassador

Country of Origin: Ghana
University: University of Salford
Course: International and Online Journalism

Thanks to his experience as a TV broadcast journalist in his home country, Martin is well equipped for the #CheveningSMA role. His aim is to create high-quality - and also fun - social media posts.

Martin looks forward to using social media to inform people about Chevening and the benefits the award can bring. He's also looking forward to sharing more about the exciting places he visits around the UK while he's here.

Instagram: @NewsyMartin
Twitter: @NewsyMartin

James Gatica Matheson

Social Media Ambassador

Country of origin: Chile
University: Cardiff University
Course: International Journalism

James is excited about his Chevening adventure in the UK and wants to use his background in journalism to tell his unique story to the world.

He wants to portray all the different facets of being a Chevening Scholar, including all the cities around the UK he intends to visit, the world-class lectures he wants to attend, and the networks he will create whilst here.

Twitter: @JamesGMatheson 
Instagram: @jamesgmatheson

Julius Alejandre

Social Media Ambassador

Country of origin: Philippines
University: Bangor University
Course: Public Health and Health Promotion

Julius wants to use his skills to create a portfolio of photos which convey the Chevening Scholar's journey, and show a scholar's immersion in UK culture and university life.

Julius is keen to promote Chevening, and to connect with and influence people. He hopes to build lasting relationships in and outside the Chevening community through creating inclusive virtual spaces for networking on social media.

Twitter: julzealejandre
Instagram: @julzealejandre

Sanja Gardasevic

Social Media Ambassador

Country: Montenegro
University: LSE
Course: Psychology of Economic Life

Sanja's time as a content and campaigns manager at a digital marketing agency has equipped her to take on the #CheveningSMA challenge. Her experience has given her the confidence to use digital technology for story-telling purposes, which she feels will help her produce exciting and engaging social media content.

Sanja's been sharing her passion for exploring through her travel blog and she hopes to add to the blog with her UK adventures while studying here.

Twitter: @SanjaGardasevic 
Instagram: @s4nj4
Blog: Wandering Paws

Christine Franciska

Social Media Ambassador

Country: Indonesia
University: University of Warwick
Course: Digital Media and Culture

Christine loves meeting new people and discovering their different perspectives. She looks forward to using her experience as a multimedia journalist for the BBC World Service to contribute to the Chevening community. Her work for the BBC has included the creation of photo essays, written articles, and short videos.

Christine can’t wait to capture inspirational stories from our international Chevening Scholars, make video tips on how to apply for Chevening, and to convey what it is like to study here in the UK.

Twitter: @cfranciska
Instagram: @cfranciska

Melissa Guadalupe

Social Media Ambassador

Country: Peru
University: University College London
Course: Education, Gender and International Development

Melissa has had professional experience managing a range of social channels and personally likes to ‘gram or blog about projects, culture, and her favourite places that she’s visited.

Melissa hopes to make the most of her year in the UK through exploring, going to art exhibits, music festivals, and trying new food. She hopes her activities will motivate others to apply for a Chevening Scholarship.

Instagram: @melissamarzo
Tumblr: Melissa's New Groove

Yasmine Fofana

Social Media Ambassador

Country: Ivory Coast
University: University of Surrey
Course: International Tourism Development

You can expect food, culture, and travel from enthusiastic blogger Yasmine, who’s proud to represent the first cohort of scholars from the Ivory Coast.

Yasmine has gained experience in blogging, photography, and social media through nine years as a communications professional and through her tasty-looking Afrofoodie social channels. She was proud to be selected as a Mandela Washington Fellow in 2016, and hosted a live Twitter chat from Washington DC for prospective applicants to the programme.

Twitter: @Yasfofana | @Afro_foodie
Instagram: @Yasfofana | @Afrofoodie

Yosea Kurnianto

Social Media Ambassador

Country: Indonesia
University: University of Manchester
Course: Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations

As a campus ambassador in his undergraduate days Yosea used to craft stories about life at university. He’s also an enthusiastic blogger and traveller who's keen to bring these experiences and passions together in the #CheveningSMA position.

Yosea was given a spokesperson role in his most recent job, helping to recruit higher education students to the food company he worked for by sharing stories and insights through the company’s social media. 

Twitter: @Yosea_Kurnianto
Instagram: @yosea_kurnianto

Khaoula Ali

Social Media Ambassador

Country: Algeria
University: University of Bradford
Course: International Business and Management

With six years’ experience of sharing her life through photography and blogging, joining the #CheveningSMA team gives Khaoula the chance to practice what she loves doing.

Being an SMA is all about showing and telling people what it’s really like to study in the UK. Khaoula wants her followers to live what she lives during her Chevening year using pictures and words. She’d also like to help encourage more applicants from her home country, Algeria.

Instagram: khaoulatoun

Chris Charamba

Social Media Ambassador

Country: Zimbabwe
University: University of Glasgow
Course: Political Communication

Chris worked as a journalist for three years, giving him the skills to identify what’s exciting, and to create content that engages different audiences - ideal experience for being a #CheveningSMA.

Chris confesses to suffering from wanderlust, and intends to explore and capture all the UK has to offer, including food, culture, and music. He loves to meet people and hear their stories, and hopes to do this both on- and offline as an SMA!

Twitter: @ChrisCharamba
Instagram: @chrischaramba