The Chevening Relay

Last sighted: Lancaster (17/06)

Last sighted: Brunel University, Uxbridge (12/06) see map view

The UK is home to stunning natural landscapes, wonderful architecture, and world-renowned landmarks. Whilst you are on award in the UK, you should travel widely to truly experience all the United Kingdom has to offer. To encourage this, we're launching a revamped Chevening Scholars' Relay for the class of 2017.

The Chevening Scholars' Relay will commence on 21 October where the batons will be launched at Orientation. The relay will finish in July 2018, shortly before the Chevening Farewell event. There are two Scholars' Relay batons, a blue one and a red one. Between now and Farewell 2018, the challenge is threefold:

  • A) Keep both batons safe and constantly moving around the UK, passing them from scholar to scholar
  • B) Post your most creative and fun pictures with the baton on social media using the hashtag #CheveningRelay before promptly passing it on to another scholar
  • C) Collectively attempt to get the batons to the 52 places listed below, providing evidence of it reaching a location on Instagram using the #CheveningRelay hashtag


The batons are the collective responsibility of the entire cohort. It is your duty to keep them safe and moving around the UK, presenting them back to the FCO in July 2018. 

If you receive the baton, please be considerate and proactive by moving the baton on to another scholar within 48 hours, or as quickly as you can. There are 1,900 scholars and just two batons to go around the whole of UK before the Farewell event.

The class of 2016 successfully managed to keep both batons safe and moving, and handed them back to the FCO in July 2017.

Devika and Emmanuel before handing them back to the FCO


Chevening Scholars with the red baton in Cardiff

If you receive one of the batons during the course of the year, please take a picture with it, and share it on social media (primarily Instagram) using the hashtag #CheveningRelay. In your post on social media, try to explain the story behind the photo. Try to make your photograph as interesting, fun, and creative as you can (without risking anyone's personal safety).

We hope that, at the end of the year, the #CheveningRelay hashtag will document just how far and wide the batons have travelled across the UK simply through your collective efforts to connect with each other as a cohort. 

At the Farewell event, we will choose some of our favourite photos from the year to win prizes.


The Chevening Relay is a collaborative challenge. In this spirit, we've created a list of 52 places that the baton should travel to during the course of the year. Of course, you can take the batons anywhere in the UK, but each baton has a list of 26 places in the UK that it will score points for, should it arrive there. The aim is for your cohort to take each baton to as many of the 26 designated locations, with each baton scoring points depending on where it passes through. Please upload a photograph or video proving the baton is in one of the listed locations. We'll monitor Instagram, Twitter, and the Facebook group to keep up with the batons' whereabouts and update this page with its travels and points totals.

Which baton do you think will score more points? Will the class of 2017 set a collective total that future cohorts will find impossible to beat? Final totals will be announced at Farewell.

  Red baton Points Blue baton Points
A Aberdeen ✔ 4 Aberystwyth ✔ 5
B Bath ✔ 3 Brighton ✔ 3
C Canterbury  4 Chester 4
D Durham✔ 3 Douglas 5
E Exeter ✔ 4 Edinburgh ✔ 4
F Falmouth ✔ 4 Folkestone 3
G Guildford ✔ 3 Greenwich ✔ 2
H Hollywood 4 Harrow 2
I Inverness✔ 4 Islington✔ 3
J John O'Groats 5 Jersey 5
K Kettering 4 King's Lynn 4
L Lancaster ✔ 4 Liverpool ✔ 4
M Manchester ✔ 4 Margate 3
N Norwich ✔ 4 Nottingham  4
O Oxted 3 Orpington 2
P Pontypridd  2 Plymouth 5
Q Queenstown Road 2 Queensbury 5
R Rugby 4 Rotherham 3
S Sheffield ✔ 4 Sunderland 3
T Tower Bridge ✔ 2 Torquay 2
U Ullswater ✔ 2 Uxbridge ✔ 2
V Vauxhall ✔ 2 Ben Nevis✔ 5
W Westminster✔ 2 West Wittering 3
X Oxford ✔ 4 Exmouth  2
Y York  4 Yarmouth 3
Z Penzance ✔ 5 Ashby de la Zouch 4
  Current red total 54 pts Current blue total 28 pts
  Total points available 90 pts Total points available 90 pts
Points tallies accurate as at 18/06/2018.


You can track the progress of both the blue and red batons around the UK by using the map. Zoom in and out, and take a look at the photos from each location.


  • There are no 'spare' or 'replacement' Chevening batons. The batons in circulation are to be looked after and safely transferred from scholar to scholar. 
  • The Chevening Scholars' baton should only remain in the possession of Chevening Scholars.
  • If you lose a baton, please inform the Chevening communications team at
  • If you are a member of the public and you find a baton, please contact the Chevening communications team at, and we will advise you on what to do with it.
  • The scholars' batons should be presented to the Secretariat by 25 June 2018 in London.
  • Full terms and conditions of the Chevening Scholars' Relay photography competition can be found here.