Cardiff University

Founded in 1883, Cardiff University is a member of the prestigious Russell Group top-24 UK research-led universities, with an established global profile. The University is located in and around the Portland stone buildings, parks and tree-lined avenues that form Cardiff’s magnificent civic centre. Every year, Cardiff University welcomes students from more than 120 countries and has dedicated student support services in place to accommodate students’ academic and pastoral needs.

Chevening and Cardiff University

Future world leaders have long been welcomed to Cardiff University as part of the prestigious Chevening global scholarship programme designed to foster close relationships with future decision-makers.

Cardiff says: 'Cardiff is a world-leading University and our partnership with Chevening enables us to increase our brand and global reach and attract the most talented students from all over the globe to Cardiff. We value the contribution that these students and Chevening make to the quality and diversity of our student body.'

Who do Cardiff support?

Cardiff University welcomes applications from all Chevening eligible countries in any subject. This year, Cardiff University will also again generously co-fund a number of awards available to applicants from a range of countries.

 All applicants who wish to be considered for this opportunity are encouraged to select Cardiff as their first preference in their Chevening application.