Bank of Georgia

Bank of Georgia is the leading Georgian bank, based on total assets (with a 36.9% market share), total loans (with a 34.7% market share), and client deposits (with a 32.5% market share) as of 31 March 2015. All data is based on standalone financial information filed by banks in Georgia with the National Bank of Georgia and includes Privatbank’s market shares. Bank of Georgia offers a broad range of corporate banking, retail banking, wealth management, brokerage and insurance, and healthcare services to its clients. As of 31 March 2015, it served approximately 1.5 million client accounts through one of the largest distribution networks in Georgia, with 219 branches, the country’s largest ATM network comprising 554 ATMs, 2,245 express pay (self-service) terminals, a full-service remote banking platform, and a modern call centre.

Chevening and Bank of Georgia

Bank of Georgia’s initiative is aimed at supporting graduate students from Georgia who wish to pursue their studies in the UK. 

Bank of Georgia says: 'The Bank of Georgia has teamed up with Chevening, one of the most prestigious scholarship programmes in the world, to allow motivated and zealous individuals apply for one-year master’s degree studies. Bank of Georgia is the first Georgian company to cooperate with Chevening in a partnership and provide Georgian students an opportunity to get the best quality education in the world.

We believe that education is the key to building a better future for an individual and the country as a whole. By creating the partnership, Bank of Georgia makes it possible for twice as many Georgian students to continue their studies in the UK, across a wide range of fields.

Enhancing access to quality education is one of the top priorities on Bank of Georgia's sustainability agenda. There are several ways in which the bank is helping Georgian students to obtain high quality education both in Georgia and abroad. Partnering with Chevening has allowed us to select the best students and give them a chance to get the best quality education. The partnership enabled us to fulfil our sustainability promise in the best way possible and to truly contribute to a brighter future of a younger generation.'

Who do Bank of Georgia support?

This year, the Bank of Georgia is generously co-funding a number of awards specifically available to applicants from Georgia who wish to undertake studies in the area of business, finance, innovation/engineering or IT.

Applicants who apply to undertake studies in the relevant areas will be considered for a co-sponsored Chevening Award.