SAJP Fellows

Sudhakar Reddy Udumula

Bureau Chief at the Deccan Chronicle

Sudhakar is the head of the reporting teams in three separate Indian states for the Deccan Chronicle. Sudhakar and his team cover stories from subject areas including politics, the environment, internal security and law enforcement. He is also involved in the training of new recruits at the Deccan Chronicle. Sudhakar became a Chevening Fellow because of the increased access to high quality academic and professional experts. A Chevening Fellowship will also provide a great networking environment for him to meet with current and future leaders. Whilst here, he hopes to experience the UK culture as well as interacting and networking with the best newsmen and women in the UK. Topics he’d particularly like to get involved in include anti-corruption NGOs, female child discrimination and agricultural issues.

Rifat Islam Esha

Sub-Editor at the Dhaka Tribune

Rifat is the Sub-Editor of the Dhaka Tribune, an English daily newspaper. In her role, she is involved in editing, copywriting, proofing and fact checking articles for the Dhaka Tribune in both print and online departments. She was compelled to apply for the programme because she felt it would be a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn from journalists from all over the world. She describes how she feels that a fellowship like this well help her gain more in-depth experience in the journalism profession and help hone her skills.

Dawood Shah

Assistant Director of Media and Publications at the Directorate of Culture

Dawood Shah is the Assistant Director for Media and Publications at the Directorate of Culture in Pakistan. His primary role is as the editor for the Directorate’s monthly magazine, writing and producing presentations, and creating press releases as well as handling press enquiries. His motivations for applying for the South Asia Journalism programme include a desire to interact with learned journalists from across South Asia and the UK. Dawood states that it has always been his dream to work alongside UK media organisations. Whilst here, he aims to further enhance his journalistic skills, learn about UK journalism and to eventually share his new found knowledge with young journalists back in Pakistan. His aim during his time here is to participate in guest lectures, network to build his contacts, and share his learning and experiences with the people of the UK.

Anshuman Tiwari

Editor of India Today at India Today Group

Anshuman is the Editor of India Today at India Today Group in New Delhi. In his editorial and administrative leadership position, Anshuman plays a crucial role in ideation synergy and the production of content across the print, TV and digital channels. He chose to apply for the South Asia Journalism programme because of its regard as a highly prestigious fellowship and the fact that he wants to reorient himself towards a more academic and research focus for a time. He hopes that his time here in the UK will give him allow him to organise guest lectures, gain a fresh skill set and perspective as well as widening his global network with other likeminded professionals. 

Hina Ali

Independant documentary filmmaker

Hina is self-employed working as an independent documentary filmmaker. In her role she partakes in film direction, script writing, narrative crafting, and film editing. She chose to apply for the programme as she wanted the opportunity to observe British society and media up close as well as wanting to interact with academia and leading media practitioners. Whilst in the UK, Hina wishes to gain a very personal perspective on British society, democracy and the media, whilst forging new relationships with fellows from South Asia and the people of the UK. She hopes to have her documentary screened here and wants to discuss the conversation on how Pakistani immigrants deal with British democracy.

Umaima Rasheed Hussain

Journalist – Maldives Correspondent of WION under Zee Media Corporation Limited, India

Umaima is the only foreign correspondent based in Maldives who works full time for a global news channel. She has recently worked at WION’s head office in Noida, India. She is also one of the first Journalism graduates from The Maldives National University. Umaima’s variety of skills have allowed her to travel across the country single-handedly covering social and developmental issues. She hopes that this fellowship will give her greater international exposure allowing her to develop her skills further.

Uditha Jayasinghe

Deputy Editor for the Daily Financial Times and Sri Lanka Correspondent for the Wall Street Journal

During her thirteen years as a journalist, Uditha has covered a wide variety of topics including politics, business and social issues, however she has primarily focused on the development and economic challenges faced by Sri Lanka. She was selected as the Best Business Journalist in 2015 by the Sri Lanka Editors Guild and has won numerous training workshops and fellowships from the IMF, Reuters, UN Women as well as the Swiss and Danish governments. She hopes the Chevening South Asian Journalism Fellowship will strengthen her ethics and give her the training and knowledge needed to produce higher quality journalism.   

Thulasi Muttulingam

Freelance Journalist

Thulasi Muttulingam is a freelance journalist based in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Her main areas of interest are post-war rehabilitation and development of the affected communities, and challenges faced by women and minorities in particular, in the region. Thulasi has behind her ten years of experience as a reporter, feature writer, contributing to a variety of newspapers and news sites locally and abroad, and is an alumna of the Sri Lanka College of Journalism, as well as the Asian College of Journalism (India). She has found that she is now the only journalist based in this former war zone (Tamil areas of Northern Sri Lanka), and reports to the English press on a regular basis. She greatly anticipates her time on the fellowship as not only will it be her first time in the UK but she hopes that it will be an enlightening and productive experience. On top of this, Thulasi looks forward to networking with similarly passionate journalists from across the South Asian region.

Pinaki Chakraborty

Senior Assignment Editor for NDTV 24x7

Pinaki has been working with NDTV (New Delhi Television) for over 11 years and has worked on various big international and national stories. Prior to joining NDTV, he has worked with an online newspaper called newslink services and have also worked on issues of child rights with a legal NGO called Human Rights Law Network. In NDTV, he has been a part of the team that has worked on various elections including general elections and state elections. He is passionate about number crunching during elections. He hopes that the Chevening fellowship gives him a chance to learn and relearn and get a broader perspective on various issues by interacting with journalists from various countries.

Nida Tahseen

Editor of The Nation

A media and communications professional, Nida has worked with The Nation for three years and when partaking in her editorial duties, she writes about about youth, gender, politics, and socio-economic issues. She is also a lecturer of Journalism at the Forman Christian College. She was awarded the Youth Icon Award by the Punjab Government and Australian Embassy on International Youth Day 2016. Nida is also a social media strategist and has worked closely with different web-desks in multiple news organisations which have included the corporate magazine, Manager Today, and the English daily’s Pakistan Today and The News.

Neha Lalchandani

Assistant Editor at The Times of India

As a city reporter, she has worked extensively on civic and political matters related to environment, water needs of the city, women's issues and social welfare. Her focus has been on urban development of Delhi, the stress of development on existing infrastructure and the impact of government policies on marginalized communities. As the principal reporter for the paper on the Aam Aadmi Party and its government in Delhi, which came to power following a widely popular anti-corruption movement in the city and across the country, she has closely observed a new political thought unfold across India. She hopes the Chevening Programme will give her an opportunity to compare the experiences of British media with that of South Asia and learn from experts on how she can ensure the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in her work without compromising on a story that needs to be told.

Mohammad Kamran

Producer of Geo News network

Kamran is the producer in Pakistan’s leading and largest news network Geo News. With a total eleven years of journalism experience, most of his productions are talk shows and documentaries based on social and sociological issues including women empowerment, girl child marriage, issues faced by factory workers and marginalized groups of Pakistani society like people living with HIV. One of his documentaries on the empowerment of women, ‘Ek Roshni Tum Say Hay’ won the best documentary award in white ribbon media awards, whilst another of his documentaries, ‘Asay Wasay Log’, won the Gender and Labour Story of the Year 2013 (Electronic)’ at the second International Labour Organization Journalism Awards.

Manasi Phadke

Special Correspondent with the Hindustan Times

Based at the newspaper’s Mumbai office, Manaso covers politics and governance with a keen interest in data journalism. Prior to this she has worked with The Indian Express and Reuters News. She has completed her graduation in mass media from Mumbai University with distinction, and has a post-graduate diploma in print and online journalism with a special focus on developmental and investigative journalism from the Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media (IIJNM), Bangalore. Whilst here in the UK, Manasi hopes to gain a deeper understanding of international relations and politics, forge new networks for enhanced reporting, and tell stories with an increased global perspective.

Jatin Gandhi

Associate Editor at Hindustan Times

Working for the Hindustan Times, one of India’s largest media groups, tracking politics, policy and legislation. He has covered Indian politics, governance and policy for two decades now. In his current role, he is currently part of a project aiming to expand the organisation from a leading legacy newspaper to one of India’s first and most modern integrated news operations. He is also a designated mentor in HT’s programme to nurture young talent. He believes being part of the fellowship will allow him to compare the British and Indian models of governance, democracy and the media. For Jatin, this is just the beginning of a lasting engagement.

Muhammad Irtaza

Bureau Chief of The Nation

Muhammad Irtaza is a professional journalist and author of a travelogue on USA. Muhammad was selected to attend a fellowship jointly run by the US State Department and International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ) in December 2011. He reported for Evansville Courier & Press from Indiana, USA during his time on that fellowship. Besides journalism, Mr. Irtaza is engaged with academia. He teaches as visiting faculty at Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. He has delivered lectures at University of Southern Indiana and Allama Iqbal Open University.   He also does Social Work and represents UK-based NGO Forum for International Relations Development (FIRD) in Pakistan. The FIRD is striving for promotion of interfaith harmony, education and tolerance in Pakistani and British societies.

Anasuya Basu

Senior Assistant Editor with The Telegraph

Based in Kolkata, Anasuya has been with The Telegraph for over 10 years and was in charge of a weekly district supplement. She has covered topics including districts, city, automobiles, urban transport, art, and culture. She has also worked with the Hindustan Times and has had a five-year stint in academic publishing with Oxford University Press, New Delhi. She hopes that the Chevening fellowship will help her deepen her understanding of issues and give her an exposure to global trends in journalism.

Adil Ali

Content Producer

Adil Ali is a Content Producer who has worked at Pakistan’s leading news networks, Express Media group, Geo TV and Dunya TV. Ali has been a content producer on over 700 television episodes for prime time TV shows. Some of the high profile interviews he has worked on include, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, General Musharraf, Senator Kerry, and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and. He has been a content editor and researcher on “Platform,” a dynamic debate TV show that linked Washington to Islamabad, to discuss political issues. Adil hopes that this fellowship will develop his skills when interacting with other journalists of South Asia and will allow him to become an active part of Chevening alumni network.