Harish on what Chevening can offer Bangladeshis

Harish Lokhun, Chevening's Programme Officer – International for South Asia, recently visited Bangladesh. He spoke to The Daily Star about what Chevening offers, and why it is so important to UK-Bangledesh relations.

Speaking with journalist Mahejabeen Hossain Nidhi, Harish explained the main benefits of the Chevening Scholarships programme: 'We offer access to a world-class education system in the UK, scholar and social engagement opportunities, opportunities to link with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and UK government, and a chance to meet and develop a global network with scholars from over 160 countries. This scholarship is not just about coming to the UK for one year but also making a difference in the UK and in Bangladesh upon return.'

The UK government took the decision in 2014 to triple the number of scholarships available globally. For Bangladesh, this means that there are 16 Bangladeshi scholars out of over 1,800 scholars in total worldwide. These new scholars will look to join over 220 Chevening Alumni from Bangladesh and over 44,000 in the global network. Applications are currently open to Bangladeshis wishing to study in the UK in 2016/2017, and the deadline for applications is 3 November 2015.

'We look for future leaders, people who are going to make change in Bangladesh,' Harish added. 'If you can demonstrate strong leadership skills, a commitment to networking in the Chevening community and across the globe, and a clear career plan – knowing where you want to go and what you want to do with your Master's in the UK, and give a very strong application – it could be just enough.'

Read Harish's interview in full on The Daily Star

Applications should be made via www.chevening.org/apply