Online application system

Below are some tips and advice for applicants when using the online application system.

1. Remember your username and password

This saves time when you want to log back in to the Application Centre.


2. Save as you go!

There is no automatic save function on the system and each session will close after 60 minutes even if you are still actively editing the form. Any unsaved entries will be lost so applicants are encouraged to save regularly to avoid disappointment!


3. You do not have to complete the form in one session

Remember to always save your work. Use the 'Logout' button (top right corner of the page) and keep a note of your username and password so that you can come back and finish off your application later. When you are satisfied with your application, click the 'Submit' button to send us your form. Please note that once you have done this, you may not modify your application except for the contact details section.


4. You can preview all sections of the application form at the start of your session and before you start to complete it so to familiarise yourself with what is required.


5.Check the size and format of the files you intend to upload and ensure they meet the requirement. The online system will only accept PDF documents no larger than 5 MB.


6. Application questions have word counts

In the application form there is a set of questions an applicant is required to answer. There is a minimum word count of 50 words per answer so please ensure you meet this minimum requirement. Answers that are less than 50 words will not be considered.


7. Enter information as accurately as possible, especially your contact details 

Please ensure that you enter a valid email address. If it changes after you have submitted, please ensure you update it in your application otherwise you may miss receipt of important updates from the Chevening Secretariat. If you are providing a second email address, please check that it is valid and different from your first.


8. When completing your application form you should work in a full size window, as this will make the application form easier to read in its original format.


9. Consider preparing your answers offline

The application form may take some time to complete so you may wish to prepare your answers to the application questions offline and then paste your answers into the online form where appropriate. This is particularly relevant if you're using a public computer, like in an internet cafe. 


10. Do not plagiarise

If content from other sources is used to answer the application questions, they will be marked down by the reading committee, the independent body that undertakes a first review of all eligible applications received. This will affect your overall score and may result in your application being withdrawn.


11. Please apply in English

Applicants must complete the application form in English. If the application form is not completed in English it is deemed ineligible.


12. Don't use your browser's 'back' and 'forward' buttons

This will take you out of the system and you will lose all unsaved work. By using the provided menu links you can navigate to each page of the application form.


13. Don't submit your application unless you are completely satisfied with it and you have answered all the relevant questions as fully as you can.