Chevening Alumni Relay

In honour of the forthcoming Olympic Games and the British love of sporting occasions (whether we win or lose!), we have launched a relay for Chevening Scholars and another relay for Chevening Alumni.

We have designed a special gold baton for alumni which we want you all to work together to send round the world.


The Chevening Alumni Relay was launched on 26 November at the Chevening Alumni Association’s quarterly networking evening, which took place in London, England.

The timing coincided with the launch of the Chevening Scholars’ Relay, which started in Bangor, Wales, on 24 November and in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 25 November.


Challenge 1: How many countries can you get the baton to in the next 12 months?

  • Let’s get the baton to as many different countries as possible

Challenge 2: Try to keep the baton in the hands of alumni

  • The baton should remain in the possession of Chevening Alumni but to help get it around, it can be passed only to your Chevening officer at the embassy, another embassy staff member nominated by the Chevening officer or special visitors, also nominated by the Chevening officer. If the baton is given to any other non-alumni, we will consider that you have dropped the baton…
  • The baton should not be held by more than two non-alumni individuals in succession

Challenge 3: Keep the baton moving

  • The baton should not remain in the possession of the same individual for more than two weeks
  • The baton should not remain in the same country for more than 28 days

Challenge 4: Every baton change needs a photo

  • Each new recipient of the baton should send an email to copied to specifying who you are and where you are with the baton. Attach a photograph showing you with the baton, so we can track where the baton is around the world, and let everyone else know

Challenge 5: Go the extra mile when you have the baton

For every alum who holds the baton, we encourage you to shout about it by doing the following:

We also ask you to share the content on Chevening Instagram and Chevening Connect. Try to include the following details with your photo:

  • Your name
  • Who gave the baton to you
  • Your country of origin
  • Your current country (if different from country of origin)
  • What you are doing in your current country
  • Where you’re travelling to next

We will feature some of your photos on our website and social media platforms.

Challenge 6: Make your photo unique and interesting

Why not make your photo with the baton extra special? Here are a few ideas you could consider, though feel free to come up with your own ideas:

  • Wear your national dress in your photo with the baton
  • Take the photo of the baton near an iconic national landmark
  • See how many alumni can take a photo with the baton at once
  • Take a photo with the baton during/at a national festival

Remember: Making connections and coordinating meet-ups via Chevening Connect is the best way to ensure that the person you are handing it over to is a genuine Chevening Alumnus.


We have two bonus tasks for the alumni relay:

  1. If you have the baton when your local British Embassy is holding a Queen’s Birthday Party in 2016, take a photograph with the baton in front of a British flag at the party, with the head of mission
  2. Get the baton to Rio de Janeiro in time for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2016 (5 August 2016) and take a photo at the Opening Ceremony with the baton


  • Learn more about your alumni network, and make new connections
  • Share some great photos with us and the community
  • Be featured on our website
  • Raise the profile of Chevening worldwide
  • Have fun!


It will run from November 2015 for approximately one year. If alumni would like to keep the baton going, we’ll restart the relay on the return date in 2016 and send the baton around the world again, with new bonus challenges.


The launch of all Chevening Relays will be featured on the Chevening website, and on social media. The Alumni Relay will be featured on Chevening Connect, the Facebook community group, and LinkedIn.

We will provide updates to the alumni community of where the baton has been in the quarterly newsletter sent to alumni, and map its journey across the world on the Chevening website.