Chevening Alumni form the backbone of the Chevening Programme, enabling the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to cultivate lasting positive relationships with future leaders, influencers and decision-makers from all over the world.

Numbering 43,000 worldwide, Chevening Alumni constitute an influential and highly regarded global network. They have an excellent record of rising to positions of leadership across a wide range of fields including politics, business, the media, civil society, religion, and academia.

How can I reconnect with the Chevening community?

If you are a Chevening Alumnus or Alumna and would like to reconnect with the wider Chevening community, there are many different ways to do so:

If you are not in your home country, contact the Embassy or High Commission in the country you currently live in to find other Chevening Alumni also living there.

Network through the Chevening Alumni Directory

We recently launched a new searchable online directory of Chevening Alumni. Visit our Directory page to find out more about it and the benefits of being included in it. Fill out our Alumni registration form to get your information added to the directory.

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