Programa Presidencial de Becas “Honduras 20/20”

Programa Presidencial de Becas “Honduras 20/20”

The Presidential Scholarship Program, Honduras 2020, is a robust programme unprecedented in the history of Honduras. It is one of the flagship programmes of the President of the Republic, Juan Orlando Hernández, which has a structure and defined planning in order to support the education, personal and professional development of our young Hondurans.

The partnership supports scholars who pursue Chevening-eligible master’s degrees in the following areas:

  • Tourism
  • Textiles and apparel
  • Light manufacturing
  • Agribusiness
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Information technology outsourcing
  • Housing
  • Health

Chevening Scholarships offer a great way for ambitious young leaders from Honduras to make impact in their country through knowledge sharing and building strong networks during an exciting year in the UK.

It is a great platform to propel many to exceed their academic achievements and fulfill their aspirations. Our partnership with Chevening is based on the mutual aim of supporting outstanding Hondurans on their journey to greatness.