Chevening Community Volunteering and Outreach Programme

The Chevening Community Volunteering and Outreach Programme aims to support, encourage and document Chevening Scholars' engagement with their UK communities throughout their time in the UK.

The programme provides scholars with the opportunity to volunteer in both one-off projects, and long-term engagement with selected organisations. This allows scholars to increase their understanding of community outreach approaches in the UK and see how they are applied and delivered by organisations in the UK.

Volunteering through Chevening

Volunteering opportunities

You may find that there are plenty of volunteering opportunities provided by your university or students’ union. Chevening also offers a number of volunteering opportunities throughout the year and you should check our website and Scholargram for updates.

You may find other volunteering opportunities through the National Council for Voluntary Organisations or through any local charity or organisation. If you still cannot find what you’re interested in then why not seek support from your university or students’ union volunteering service to start up your own project.

Volunteering log and awards

To recognise the efforts of Chevening Scholars who volunteer while in the UK, we are reopening the Chevening Volunteering Log for 2017/2018 - an online form that allows you to record details of your volunteering. If you undertake any volunteering while in the UK we want to hear about it. Volunteering is defined as an activity that involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the environment or individuals or groups other than (or in addition to) close relatives.

At the end of the year a celebration event will be organised for those who have contributed the most to volunteering activities throughout the year. Scholars can also work towards different level awards based on the total number of volunteering hours accumulated over the course of the academic year. There’s no obligation to earn one of these awards - we want to hear about any and all volunteering, no matter how big or small.

  • Bronze Award for 30 hours
  • Silver Award for 70 hours
  • Gold Award for 100 hours

If you've been volunteering, make sure you fill out the log each time you do so.  The idea of the log is to record your volunteering on a day-by-day basis, so please keep it up to date and do not make multiples days’ worth of volunteering as one entry to the log. Please complete the form as fully as possible each time and if you have any queries, email us.

The Volunteering Log for 2017/2018 scholars is now open.

Chevening volunteering celebration

Chevening Volunteer of the Year Awards

As well as the bronze, silver, and gold volunteer awards that all scholars can work towards, we also have the Chevening Volunteer of the Year Awards.

The Chevening Volunteer of the Year Awards recognise the very best in volunteering efforts from our scholars. This is volunteering that has made a particularly special or significant impact upon its beneficiaries. These awards are to recognise and appreciate the scholars who have shown great leadership and dedication through their volunteering, making a significant impact on their beneficiaries. 

There are three categories in the Chevening Volunteer of the Year Awards:

  • Chevening Green Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Chevening Community Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Chevening Volunteer of the Year Award

There will be one winner in each award category. Details of the nomination process will be provided later in the year. A panel of judges will assess the nomination and will be looking at the overall impact and outcomes of the nominee’s volunteering, as well as looking for leadership and other character traits that make the nominee worthy of special recognition.

Nominations are now closed and will open again for 2017/2018 scholars later in the year.

Volunteering at Spark Inside prison coaching

Your stories

Remember, if you have taken part in volunteering and you would like to share your stories, photos, videos and more, send them to your programme officer. We love to hear about the incredible things you get up to, and your work will hopefully help those in need, and encourage others to follow in your footsteps.

Visa working hours

Please remember to consider the rules of your visa when you take on volunteering. If you are unsure about how the working conditions of your visa are affected by your volunteering, contact your programme officer as soon as possible.