The Chevening Secretariat

The Chevening Secretariat administers the awards on behalf of the FCO. The Secretariat is based at Woburn House in London and is part of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Secretariat staff

Anne Marie Graham, Director 
Louise Thomson, Head of Programme Management
Mandeep Dlay, Programme Team Assistant

The international team

The international team liaise with British Embassies and High Commissions in Chevening countries alongside the management of reading committees.

Victoria Reed, Programme Manager - International
Jocelyn Smith, Senior International Liaison Officer
Verity Wilkes, Senior Fellowships Officer
Petra Jamnik, Fellowships Officer
Franklina Mensah, Senior Systems Officer
Rebekah Palmer, International Liaison Officer
Catriona MacArthur, International Liaison Officer
Natalie Keen, International Liaison Officer
Amy Mitchell-Bell, International Liaison Officer
Sarah Bunting, International Liaison Officer
Ruth Dear, International Liaison Officer
Louis Ard, International Liaison Assistant

The programme team 

The programme team liaise with scholars once selected, and UK universities.

Ceri Waddington, Programme Manager, UK
Frankie Clarke, Senior Programme Officer
Noeme Santana, Senior Programme Officer
Sophie Fenner, Senior Programme Officer
Elissa Perreau, Senior Welfare and Immigration Officer
Jim Dale, Welfare and Immigration Officer
Becky Duffy, Programme Officer
James Farren, Programme Officer
Jenny Johnson, Programme Officer
Kadri Paju, Programme Officer
Lydia Wood, Programme Officer
Marzana Khanom, Programme Officer
Matthew Kon, Programme Officer
Sophie Thomsett, Programme Officer
Sophie Willson, Programme Officer
Suraj Darbar, Programme Officer
Susie Pike, Programme Officer

The communications team

The communications team administer Chevening's online presence, produce materials, and uphold the Chevening brand.

David Osei, Communications Manager
Daniela Carlucci, Senior Communications Officer
Angus Hutchison, Communications Officer
Sevgi Kaymak, Communications Assistant

The systems and insight team

The systems and insight team administer the scholar, fellow, and alumni data and evaluate the efficiency of the scheme

Hans Rahbek, Senior Information Analyst
Emma Mastin, Data Analyst

The alumni team

The alumni team support all activities surrounding our ever growing alumni population across the globe

Aba Quartey, Alumni Relations Manager
Jo Lloyd, Alumni Officer
Billie Downer, Alumni Assistant

The Chevening Secretariat also consists of staff dedicated to partnerships, policy, finance, and records

Morna Firth, Programme Policy Manager
Hollie Jones, Senior Evaluation Officer
Jessica Gregson, Senior Partnerships and Business Development Officer
Richard Williams, OAS Project Manager
Michael Gushman, Finance Manager 
Peter Bourdillon, Medical Awards Administrator
Laurence Bette, Senior Records Officer
Julie Stackhouse, Programme Manager (Research and Development)

Chevening Secretariat job vacancies are advertised on the ACU's website.